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Thursday, January 12, 2012

BlogHer Book Club, Why Women Need Fat

First let me tell you, Why Women Need Fat, was VERY hard for me to get through. This type of book does not appeal to me at all, BUT the first page hooked me in (for a little while at least) because I could relate to it. I am a mom who is struggling to lose the baby weight on regular diets. The first thing to strike me as "Wow" was when they said, Diets are making us fat! Really? Yes! Because you generally gain all the weight you lost plus some back when you stop 'dieting'.

The book goes on to tell you about how our ancestors ate natural foods, like butter, and how healthy they were and as time progressed how we became more overweight as a society, trying to eat the 'healthier' foods, like Omega fats and unsaturated fats like vegetable oil. As a nation we were 'tricked' into eating the 'healthier' foods that we're actually making us fat instead. The book compares American weights and other weights such as Italian's, and how they are thinner than us and eat fattier foods than us. The book compares between different shaped woman and how their diets differ. It also links the Omega 3's and Omega 6's to the increase in our American cultures weight.

The Authors talk about waist to hip ratio and how men are drawn to the lower ratios, small waist large hip. They write about how woman store their fat in their hips for future babies, and how GAINING weight after our first baby is beneficial to our future children. Another wow from me!

The book was talking about how births differ and how a baby's head is so big nowadays, and how more women need C-sections to complete the birth process. It related a story about an ape giving birth and how it was so easy for her she stood up from a sleep, and reached down and took the baby out and soon it was playing.
I'm taking this directly from the book now:" The change in the pelvis came first, beginning about 6 million years ago when some pioneering apes first started walking upright."
That quote was from evolution believing minds, not God fearing men. Just my view on that....Had to point it out. I'm slightly less intrigued at this point, only because of my religion. They related the change in our hip shape to those of apes, evolution of man. Hmmmm.

The size of a woman's waist predicts the size of her unborn children. Small waist = small baby, where as big waist = big baby. Some of the statements and facts in this book are mind boggling. As I read it I was appalled at some and transfixed by others.

Eating better foods-natural foods, promotes a healthy weight rather than dieting.

The last part of the book told you what to eat and how to find your natural weight and body shape.

***One last thing, I was kind of put off by all the playmates references.

Before I even picked up this book, I had switched to REAL butter instead of fake 'Country Crock' like substitutes. Yesterday at the market I was more conscious at what I put in my shopping cart, I noticed more veggies and fruit and less of the more convenient items, like freezer meals. So it has affected the way I shop a little. I always knew that diets didn't work for me and that a change in the 'way of life' is the way I needed to go. This book supports that feeling.

<3 Carrie

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