Thursday, June 7, 2018

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Hey There! Thanks for stopping by. 

I'm currently at the Library again, waiting out VBS that my kids attend, since my house and the Church are not close together. 

I just finished the 5 day egg fast from "I breathe I'm hungry"'s website. Today was day one of transition back into Keto. I was sure glad to eat some meat for dinner! I can't wait to tell you about my success on it! I hit one of my top three goals!

Why I chose Keto?
I actually really can't remember the exact reason. I had heard some Chatter on FB about it from a few freinds of mine, and then you know the FB algorithims...KETO stuff kept popping up everywhere, so I read it, and thought hmm, this looks doable!

I never last more than two weeks on a diet or once I lose about 10 pounds I quit for some reason or another. 

I did some research, wrote down everything I learned, Found recipes, found support groups, and went for it. I made a grocery list, I meal planned, I shopped...

The first week I lost EIGHT pounds. Good! Probably water weight. The next two months were slow going but the scale moved ever so slowly downward. I never gave up. If I craved something I looked for an alternative, OR I had just one tiny bite of said craving. One time I over Indulged on a funnel cake from the local Fair. It was bad! But it lived up to its name, "Death by Chocolate"!!! By that time I had probably been on the KETO way of eating for a good month and half, well into it, probably in ketosis, though I have not once ever tested to see, it wasn't my main objective for this way of life. So the funnel cake really messed with me. The stuff I have eliminated from my diet, thats all it was made of, flour, sugar, more sugar, chocolate, even more sugar. It messed with my tummy for a good three days!

It was then that I knew I was going down the right path. 


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