Monday, June 25, 2012

Sassy Lacquer Blogger line Reveal!!!

Hey there readers! How's it going. Its Monday morning here...and Tropical Storm Debby is upon us...It has rained ALL weekend! And it is still raining!

So back before I ever released my line of polish, Sassy Lacquer, I contacted a few bloggers that held a place in my mind as being great. Three wrote back to me, and my 'Inspirational Blogger Collection' was born.

Tuesday through Thursday each one of the Blogger's will reveal their polish. Each worked closely with me on their polish, we went back and forth....until each of them was perfect.

On Friday the polish line will be in my store.

Each Blogger will also have one up for grabs in their own giveaway!!! How exciting, right?

Tuesday your gonna want to check out Bee's blog. She also has some really cool nail tech info in some of her postings. She just recently became a nail tech!!

Wednesday your gonna want to go check out Sarah's blog. Sarah has some amazing talent! She takes pictures wonderfully also!

And Finally on Thursday you will want to head on over to Sara's blog. She has been an amazing supporter of my blog. We have some things in common also, she loves to comment on my blog, and I love her for that ;) .

(PS-reminding myself that I need to go out and comment more than I do-which is rare)

THEN on Friday you guys can purchase their color's in my store!!!

<3 Carrie


  1. I can't wait to see the other girls polishes!

  2. Hey congrats on your collabs and your new shop over at store envy! I had originally posted the blog page with sale info on my indie shop list, but I will be happy to update it with your new link! The polishes are beautiful so far!


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