Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My 15 Week Challenge.....Part One, Week Two

 I finished Week one's challenges! Yay! This is part one of week two, Orange. I don't have many oranges...I don't like the color. When Essie was doing that giveaway for their Summer 2011 collection, which included: Brazilliant, Too Too Hot, Super Bossa Nova, Absolutely Shore, Meet me at Sunset, Smooth Sailing - on Facebook, I entered and won a bottle, they said it was Brazilliant. I was kinda bummed, but hey its a free bottle of nail polish, AND my First Essie polish! When it arrived, it turned out not to be Brazilliant, but instead it was Meet Me at Sunset. I swatched it really quick on one nail and wasn't really impressed and stuck it in the back of my drawer, kind of forgetting about it.

Well I decided I decided I would use it for this challenge! This is my first Essie polish and I don't know how it compares to other Essie's but it went on very smoothly, a little on the thin side, but it was an easy application. I used three thin coats, and it my nail line is still slightly me its almost a jelly polish....I found a blog once that explained all the many types of polishes, like jelly, creme, shimmer, ect.....if any one knows what I am talking about please link it in the comments- I would love to read about that again! 

I didn't expect to like it this much, I was originally planning on doing this as a base and using a crackle over it, to hide most of it....but I actually really really like it. It is so glossy looking. Its a reddish burnt orange color. Top coat of Seche Vite. What do you all think of this? If you click on the pictures they are better quality, I'm not sure how to get that to come through on the blog? any tips on how you upload your pictures?

I take a picture, I use corel paint shop(this was on my computer when I bought it) to crop it, and add my watermark-when I don't forget, and then upload using the blogger upload tool, and then usually make them X-large in the blog post, but this time I am only using the large setting.

15 Weeks of Nails Challenge:

Week 1: Red Nails


Week 2: Orange Nails
Half Moons

Week 3: Yellow Nails

Week 4: Green Nails
Water Marble / Dry Marble

Week 5: Blue Nails
Drag Marble

Week 6: Violet Nails
Inspired by a Favorite Thing

Week 7: Black and White Nails
Glitter Sandwich

Week 8: Metallic Nails
French Manicure

Week 9: Rainbow Nails
Inspired by Feathers

Week 10: Gradient Nails
Layered Nails

Week 11: Polka dots
Inspired by Dots

Week 12: Stripes
Inspired by Lines

Week 13: Animal Print
Inspired by The Outdoors

Week 14: Flowers
Inspired by a Tutorial

Week 15: Matte Nails
Retro Nails

PS: don't forget to link me if you use my challenge's. :)


  1. It's so in your face and vibrant. I love that!

  2. I think this colour looks wonderful on you - so bright and cheerful!

    I'm now following you on Google Friend Connect. Looking forward to seeing more of your nail posts! :)

    Also, I'm not sure if this is the blog post you had in mind about the various polish finishes, but this is the best glossary on the topic that I've come across: I've loved her blog for a very long time. :)

  3. Courtney, It is very Vibrant!

    S&L, this is the site, thanks so much...and thanks for the compliment , and for following me :)


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