Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Well hello there....

Friend. :D 

Its been awhile.

So my last post I flunked my challenge's and that I was planning this huge summer full of things to do with the kids.

*I did pretty well until the last week of June, when my husband came home and told me he was laid off.

I was upset, or panicked. I held it together. We did the unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid, searching for jobs non stop, he was doing anything he could (well to a point ;) ) to make some money. My whole calendar of events stopped, dead.

He came with me and the kids to our Sarasota trip in mid July. He got a job. Our dog got sick. I LOST it! Friends, I completely went insane! I was angry, depression reared its ugly head again, anxiety hit, panic feelings. During his whole time off I was happy, it was nice to have him home, but something inside me went BOOM, on Thursday July 18 2013. I snapped. I was giving the dog a bath, at my moms house for the second time in two days. I didn't get to do any of the things I had wanted to do while there, because he was out on interviews and such. Praise the Lord he got one.

We contemplated moving, or rather being evicted since we were not going to have Aug 1st's rent. We talked with the landlord's, they let us stay, we just have to make it up, again, PTL!

I went to see a doctor on Monday the 22, She prescribed Paxil for me. I have been taking it now since that day, so almost a month, I see a little improvement. Hoping for more.

Kevin has been working for almost two weeks now back to our reg routine. I have had my off days, and have had a few good days (FEW). ITs getting better. As long as I GET UP OUT OF BED in the mornings, get dressed, and do something, if not I'm not worth anything.

There are twelve more days left until school starts back up again. I CAN NOT wait!

I am really ready to get back into a routine with school and stuff. (the quiet non fighting time will be really nice too) I will only have one kid at home this year. WOW! My little Parker is starting Kindergarten this year! I am sad but not, he went to VPK (voluntary pre-kindergarten) last year, he is more than ready for school!

I'm nervous about Riley this year. He is so immature and so much farther behind than kids his age. Contemplating putting him back on ADD meds to see if there is an improvement in school work. We took him off because they weren't affecting it and I didn't want to increase, because they already made him zombie like. So I guess we will have to decide on another medicine.

TMI: I am battling a case of Plantar warts on my two year olds feet! Gross! Eeew! Ick! He has several on the heel and two on the ball of one foot and then one on the heel of the other foot. Freezing has not worked, his doctor, wait for it, his doctor has told me to use duct tape! LOL. I had read that online, but come on really?? Well this is night two of him having duct tape on 24-7. Tomorrow we are going to bathe, scrub, freeze, and tape again. Hopefully this does the trick!

Today, because I saw it on pinterest, I stuck my feet in a weird solution of 1/2 cup Listerine, 1/2 cup vinegar and 1 cup hot water, for ten minutes. Then the dead skin is supposed to peel didn't, but I did Pumice it off a bit easier than without the soak. Worth the ten minute soak and nasty smell... NO!

OOOOOOO We Hatched Chickens!!! We, I mean I am the proud mother to six chickens. :) So cute.

 Little fluff balls!

 Zip tie'ing them so I can tell who is who. This is Roostette, she or he is mine :)
 Oooh little Chickadie's are getting feathers!

 Why Hello there ma'am. This is one of the definite hens.

 This is Roostette. She/He is the loudest, used to pace the box and peep loudly!

 This is Valentine, she is our baby, the littlest, the last to hatch. She is the sweetest looking thing!

Riley went on his first plane ride! From Florida to Seattle Washington! Corner to corner! He did really well, He was homesick, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a ten year old across the country from his parents. He flew to visit my brother and sister in law. He really enjoyed himself. I missed him too. Not five minutes into the car after I picked him up : "Mom she is kicking my seat" Oy! I had a two hour drive home. It wasn't fabulous! It was mid freak out too *see above*
 Waiting for big bro to get off plane!
 Big smile, I have returned, it says! LOL
That's about it. See ya on the go around.
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