Friday, April 29, 2011

Stamping Success!

Good Morning....Royal Wedding was this morning, any one watch it LIVE? I didn't, I prefer my sleep!
I did this Manicure a couple days back...with the new Bundle Monster Plates!
I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear in Lacey Lilac, NYC in Cashmere Creme, and to stamp with I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear Whit On.

I found this and several others at Big Lots...Its not the best on this Manicure, but might work better on a smooth surface.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today I bring you an awesome tape Mani!

Hey guys...I did a really good looking tape manicure today. I am VERY happy with it...
I used Orly's Royal Velvet , its a pretty multicolor. It has blue and purple tones and changes in different lighting! Its a very pretty color! I then taped off a triangle in the middle of my finger and added China Glaze's Matte Magic. Then I dotted a top coat in the matte triangle and matte in the two other portions!

Isn't it gorgeous?

You can see the purple in the bottle in this picture

Here's the purple, sorry for the crappy picture

and the purple again, another cruddy picture

So what do you think?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pink Wednesday...Two!

For today's Pink Wednesday I used an old polish of mine, NYC 111A. A very pretty darker purplie pink. (Is Purplie a is here) Then on my tips I used Sinful colors 920, again no name. Its a matte finish in BRIGHT NEON pink. And then To top it off I used Finger Paints, Hue Left me a Message?

Tonight I think I am going to experiment with my Bundle Monster plates on top of this....I'm totally happy with this manicure.

Click images to see a larger image.
Happy Pink Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Stash/Storage

Hey Guys!
So I got in the new Bundle Monster Plates yesterday and tried them...there nice, alot smoother than the original ones... alot of neat designs! I will post that manicure this week sometime...
But until then here is my stash/storage photos:

My little dresser

Top Drawer, all of my top/bottom coats, cuticle oil, and supplies for stamping nail breaks, and 'art'

My Sinful Colors and China Glaze Drawer

with their swatches

and my trhird drawer, all my 'others'

with their swatches

and this is all of them before sorting and swatching and putting them away.

I have purchased some Pure Ice polishes, and some more Sally Hansen's and Some NYC's, and some Nail art pens I found at Big Lots today!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Just remember what Jesus did for you on this beautiful day!

I did my daughters toes and fingers last night!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt.....can you find my chicken?

Hi....My bestie has been waiting all week to see my tootsies! I have decorated them like Easter eggs! So here they are:

Click image for more detail

Cute aren't they? Ok Ok they are kinda silly but hey, have to be silly once and a while!
And I did my nails last night to match..... isn't the chicken cute?
Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

NOTD: Caribbean style!

Hi! This is China Glaze's Caribbean Blue. Its very blue, with a bit of shimmer in it. Sooo pretty.
It went on well, nice and smooth. This is two coats, with a bottom and top coat.

Here you can see the shimmer - and my dry cuticles!

Then I stamped it with Bundle Monster's 04 plate from their first original set, Has anyone gotten the new set yet? I know they just got them in, I'm wanting them, but can't excuse the purchase I'll have to wait. :(

I actually got alot of compliments on this manicure! This was my first successful stamping!

PS, I realize now that I spelt 'Carribean' wrong in all my pictures! Oooops!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

NOTD: Tantalize me.....oh how I wish, lol....

So I wore China Glaze's Tantalize me. It was a very very very pretty color. It was almost Holographic! It was a purplie pink color and had some blue tones in it. It went on so well, nice and smooth. I loved it!
I wore it to Busch Gardens, and it looked so pretty in the sun! Please excuse my cuticles, I hate lotion and am still learning to apply it everyday or more, and so I have dry cuticles....sorry! :(

Click on images to make them larger.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pink Wednesday....again...

So Originally I thought I wasn't going to have time to do my nails, But I found time between vacuuming and dusting, lol.
So here is my FIRST Pink Wednesday Post.
I used my Elf that I got from Big Lots. Its a pretty color and it went on farely well, a little gooey, but manageable if you can do it fast...
It has a slight peachy undertone, which is nice...
I will wear it again.

Click to make images larger.

And then I added a funky french tip design....

Click to make images larger

I really like this...It'll last till tomorrow evening probably....I am going to paint my fingernails like Easter eggs on Friday along with my daughters fingers and toes....(my toes are already Easter eggs!)