Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh Lala! My Haul has arrived!

Look what came in the mail yesterday for me!

and it was full of.......

OK for real here is the good stuff....

That is a correcter pen and squirt cap and a sucker upper thingy mabobber for polish remover (works well!) and a sample of some hair product. I guess they thought I deserved it for all the stuff I got! :)

OK now that's the good stuff....
Man, I shoulda ordered 3 more polishes, it coulda made a pyramid!
My first Misa's! LtoR: Shake it to the Samba, Blame it on fat Tuesday, Dying Love, and Party in the Masquerade
Orly's: LtoR: Absolutely Orchid and Royal Velvet

Color Club, LtoR: Jewel of a girl, Rule Breaker, and Alias

China Glaze, LtoR: Techno, I wanna Lei you, Caribbean Blue, and Sexy Lady

China Glaze, LtoR: Red Stallion, Lasso My Heart, Tantalize me, and Passion in the Pacific

LtoR: China Glaze are the first two, Cow Girl Up and Orange Marmalade. Then China Glaze Matte Magic-this is cool! And then My first CND, Hotski To Tchotchke.

Well I think that was my last purchase for awhile!

Can't wait to try them all out!

Purchased online at

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