Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today I bring you an awesome tape Mani!

Hey guys...I did a really good looking tape manicure today. I am VERY happy with it...
I used Orly's Royal Velvet , its a pretty multicolor. It has blue and purple tones and changes in different lighting! Its a very pretty color! I then taped off a triangle in the middle of my finger and added China Glaze's Matte Magic. Then I dotted a top coat in the matte triangle and matte in the two other portions!

Isn't it gorgeous?

You can see the purple in the bottle in this picture

Here's the purple, sorry for the crappy picture

and the purple again, another cruddy picture

So what do you think?


  1. this IS awesome - i saved a pic for my 'to copy' file. very cool!

  2. HeHe, thanks! Unfortunately I broke my thumb nail at worst last night (stupid Ice cream, I work at a grocery store and I was straightening it up) and so had to get up this morning ad take it all off....:(

  3. omg I absolutely love this and I so badly need (want) to get these colors!!! Mainly so i can copy your manicure yet again hehehe :D

  4. you just blew my mind with this! I love it!


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