Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guest Post: Whitney from Dressed up Nails

Hello there! I was getting tired of Gold and Pink mani's so I reached out to the community for some guests posts.

If you want to help me out also this month with a pink AND gold mani for Pediatric and Breast Cancer Awareness, just email me!

This month I and now others, will be sporting a pink AND gold manicure everyday, except the days of my Halloween challenge I am participating in.

Why? To support Breast cancer awareness month and because I forgot last month or rather didn't really know because it isn't as publicized as Breast Cancer is, Pediatric cancer awareness.

I have a friend that has a wonderful little boy, E. (See Below) He is so strong and so brave! He is fighting the evil dragon, that is what they call it. He has a GREAT supportive family, that has also been very strong and brave. I want to support them as well and what better way to do it then to do fun mani's?? If your the donating type, there are three charities that my Friend recommends:
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, St. Baldricks, and Curesearch

Elijah was Diagnosed with Pre-B ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia) on Dec 1st 2010
If you are looking for a way to help, we have an Amazon wishlist setup:

You can also make a tax deductible donation through the Talbert Family Foundation
This page is dedicated to his being Cured and the updates associated with it.
Here are some pictures of E:
 E and His sissy early on in his treatment...
 Two weeks worth of bills for treatment...
 Chillin with Spider Boo ....
 His Make a wish trip...
Playing with playdoh, this was just the other day, He started kindergarten and is now in the hospital receiving medicine because someone else let their child go to school sick :(

From E's mom today: Being a mom isn't the easiest job regardless of what is happening, but being home with 1 child, being 36 weeks pregnant with another and having your oldest in the hospital with out you is really hard. I hate that I can't be there to cuddle my boy while he is not feeling well. These are the little things that cancer steals from us that other families don't go through.

Ok on to the guest post, Here is Whitney:

Hi everyone! I'm Whitney and I run a little nail blog called Dressed Up Nails. Carrie posted in our polish Facebook group that she was looking for guest posters for this month to do pink and gold manis and I jumped at the chance because I've never done a guest post before and it sounded like fun! I knew I wanted to use gold glitter because glitter makes everything better, and I wanted to use several different shades of pink, so I started sketching out designs and came up with this skittles mani.
At first I wasn't super pumped about the color combo since I've been so into fall colors lately, but I ended up liking these nails so much. They're by far the girliest, pinkest nails I've ever done.

The colors I used, from lightest to darkest pink, were:
China Glaze Something Sweet
OPI Pink Friday
Zoya Shelby
China Glaze Rich & Famous
Zoya Reagan
The gold glitter is one of my favorites, especially for glitter gradients - China Glaze Blonde Bombshell.
I free handed everything on this mani - at first I was thinking about using striping tape for a couple nails but the fact that I'd have to wait for polish to dry put me off that idea (as usual haha). For my thumb, middle and ring fingers I started with a base of two coats of China Glaze White on White and free handed all the patterns on with my favorite mid-length striper brush. The ring finger took for-ev-er but the rest weren't bad at all. My pointer finger started with two coats of Blonde Bombshell and then I added the gradient dots starting in the middle and working toward my free edge and then back toward my cuticle to make sure I'd have room for all the colors. For my pinky I just used three coats of Rich & Famous and then did a quick glitter gradient with Blonde Bombshell just using the polish bottle brush.

My favorite two designs are definitely my pointer and ring fingers, I love the ring finger design and I want to replicate it for a whole mani at some point when I have like three hours to sit and do my nails. Seriously so time-consuming, I was really glad that I only did this design on one nail haha!

I hope you guys have enjoyed my very first guest post! Thank you so much to Carrie for letting me be a part of her pink and gold series!

Thank you Whitney. This is very talented work!


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