Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Post: Lindsay

Hello there! I was getting tired of Gold and Pink mani's so I reached out to the community for some guests post: So here is the second one, by Lindsay.

 If you want to help me out also this month with a pink AND gold mani for Pediatric and Breast Cancer Awareness, just email me!

 This month I and now others, will be sporting a pink AND gold manicure everyday, except the days of my Halloween challenge I am participating in.

Why? To support Breast cancer awareness month and because I forgot last month or rather didn't really know because it isn't as publicized as Breast Cancer is, Pediatric cancer awareness.

I have a friend that has a wonderful little boy, E. He is so strong and so brave! He is fighting the evil dragon, that is what they call it. He has a GREAT supportive family, that has also been very strong and brave. I want to support them as well and what better way to do it then to do fun mani's?? If your the donating type, there are three charities that my Friend recommends:
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, St. Baldricks, and Curesearch
Here is Lindsay:

Hi everybody! Carrie asked fellow nail polish lovers to help her out with her breast cancer and pediatric cancer awareness challenge. I never knew that October was Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, so Carrie, your campaign is succeeding! When I think of a two-toned mani, I immediately think of stamping. My nails are sporting OPI Sparrow Me The Drama from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection (pink) and China Glaze Passion (gold) in the photos above. The first picture was taken in the sun and shows Passion more accurately, while the second picture was taken in the shade and shows Sparrow Me The Drama more accurately. Apologies for the state of my cuticles, I didn't know just how bad they were until I started taking closeup photos.

(no matter what I do the pictures appear upside down, sorry - Carrie)

Poor Sparrow Me The Drama, it was languishing on my shelf of untrieds for a ridiculously long time. Muted cremes aren't usually my thing, but it was a gift, so I had to try it at least once. The formula is what you would expect from an OPI creme, opaque in two coats with minimal fuss. The color's kind of growing on me. Of course, stamping helps! Passion is my go-to for stamping in gold. The tone is more cool and pale than I would like, but it works well for this purpose. The design is from Drikk plate DRK-A, a Brazilian brand available from www.ninjapolish.com. My nail beds are enormous, so I can't use Konad or Bundle monster full-nail designs; they're just too small. Drikk is the only brand that sells designs large enough to cover my entire nail without me having to cut them down to nubs. If you have large nail beds too and want to stamp, take heart, there's a company that finally listened to us! If you have small nail beds... I would stick with Konad and Bundle monster, most of the designs will be too large for you.

Even with a few stamping mistakes and less than perfect cuticles, I like the way this mani turned out. There's a nice balance of pink and gold, Celtic-inspired designs are always a hit, and it's for a good cause!


Thanks Lin for the guest post, I love the subtle stamping!

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