Monday, October 1, 2012

TIHC: Day 1: Horror Movies!!

Hey there peeps! I am not much into Halloween, because, well I don't believe in it....but I wanted to do a challenge, and this one that Bec over at Deadly Divine made up is pretty cool, its spaced out enough that I can enjoy it and not be rushed.

So Day one, Horror movies......eww! I hate them, don't watch them, well can't because they freak me out....and most of the time they are just non sense anyways, like zombies, and hello..that is science fiction, not horror....

But there is one movie in particular that came to mind. I've prob seen bits and pieces of it...and its my name sake, so I had to do it....

Horror Movie of choice: Carrie

I used Zoya Raven for a base, then on my thumb did dripping blood, on my index and middle did the name 'Carrie' and brushed it with red for the blood, and then based off of images on google did the ring finger and pinky with flames, and on the ring finger did a white stick person with brushed on red for the blood....

Are you doing this Challenge?

Here is the inlinkz, show me!!


  1. I love this one!! I was thinking about doing Carrie but didn't know how to interpret it! I love yours!!!!

  2. Great job on this! Love this movie!!

  3. Great job!! I love Carrie, one of my favorite horror movies =)

  4. Hello! I also do the challenge, please, add me to the list of participants! kisses, my blog is

  5. Finally, some nails of a movie I've actually watched! They look great! (Just like you I hate horror movies too)


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