Friday, October 26, 2012

TIHC Day 8: Witches

Well this is day 8 of Bec's challenge. Witches!

Again...going for cute here...

I used China Glaze neon orange (2012) as a base. On the index finger is a cauldron, and the pinky has a moon and broomstick...can you see Polished Components Fire's Night on the broom and cauldron?

On my ring finger I planned to tape it off and create legs using nude around the legs and then put black witches shoes on the feet...but I got tired of doing nail art, and the kids were screaming for Lunch!

Got to have the kitty cat...

If you can't tell ...the middle finger has a witches profile on it, including a GREEN wart, LOL...

Do you Love? I do! But I took this off less than 10 hours later to do nails inspired by these pins:

Yes, I only left you with links, you'll have to click on them ;)



  1. The blue-eyed cat is my favorite (I wonder why, lol!). Great job! You should've kept it on longer!! ;P


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