Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My 30th Birthday!!!

Hey everyone! Breaking in here to say:

It's my 30th Birthday!!!!!

I did something different....I put some of my likes and some of my hopes, some things I want to see in the future and somethings I want to be in the future...

 Thumb to Pinky meanings: Forever Love (red + infinity symbol), Favorite color (Purple), I want to see snow, I want to QUIT being a 'Couch Potato', and I want to see Fall colors.
 Colors from Thumb to Pinky:
A England Perceval and Funky Fingers Sand & Stiletto's
China Glaze Grape Pop
Zoya Raven, unnamed Syn Cosmetics flakie, NYC white
Polished Components COUCH POTATO with Revlon Cherry
Finger Paints Shades of Fall with some orange and gold accents

 Meanings from Pinky to Thumb: Be Happy/Find Happiness, Birthday Cupcake, Favorite color (Blue), Be Rich (LOL), GLITTER!!
Colors from pinky to thumb:
Sinful Colors Firefly with WNW black Creme
To many colors to remember, lol base is Essie Splash of Grenadine
Pure Ice Strapless
Zoya Ivanka with Jordana Funky gold Town
Four diff glitters layered..NOPI Fabulous is my middle name, WNW correction tape, Confetti Tasmanian Devil and Funky Fingers Sand and Stiletto's

I hope you enjoyed my 30th Birthday Mani!!! I did!!!


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  1. Happy Birthday!! it's a beautiful manicure

  2. Happy Birthday! Your nails are super cute, I hope you have a fantastic day! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! I love what you did with the mani, so inventive! I'd like to try something like this for my birthday too :]


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