Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A challenge...of sorts.

I am challenging myself....

The Fourteen Days of Valentines. I am married and have four kids. I have five Valentines. This is about them.....and me.

~Day One: Make coffee for husband, with a note attached with a 'kiss'
~Day Two: Shower Emma with specialness all day long. (its her Birthday she is going to be eight)Nail painting, hair doing, makeup putting on, maybe even going to the mall to window shop?
~Day Three: Surprise kids with Lollipops in the morning! Leave toothbrush note.
~Day Four: Wake up and get kids ready for school (husband usually does most of it), Prepare Heart shaped dinner
~Day Five: E-mail husband every five minutes-mushy stuff, see how fast he gets annoyed with it ;) Play a matching game after dinner with Hershey Kisses.
~Day Six: Play Go Fish with the family after dinner. Suprise with Pail of worms.
~Day Seven: Treat myself to a special mani. (Hang on the mirror heart)
~Day Eight: Make heart shaped desserts for family.
~Day Nine: Wake kids up by singing loudly, to an undetermined mushy love song...annoy Husband with lame valentine jokes.
~Day Ten: Do a Valentine craft from pinterest with the kids while husband is at work.
~Day Eleven: Make a Heart Shaped cookie for Emma's B-day celebration at chucky cheeses, Make heart shaped cinn rolls.
~Day Twelve: Send romantic note to work in a lunch with husband, and I Love you's to school with the kids
~Day Thirteen: Make Valentines with kids and Husband for their classmates.
~Day Fourteen: Valentines day! Hopefully Husband has gotten the hint....He says Valentines Day is for Single's. Hah, he is so wrong.

Daily tell each one something special about them, or one of the things I love about them.


PS I am adding to this list when I think of more things.....

Periods Suck!

That time of month again???


I can tell its onset is approaching with my HUGE ravenous appetite the week before. I eat everything is site, especially junk food. I go for salty and sweet, preferably at the same time.

Our puppy is in her first heat as well. I kept forgetting to make the dang spaying appointment, now I have to deal with her period too....
....and the male dog that frequents our yard from - get this......10 houses and two streets away! Freaking keep your dog on a leash or fix your fence people.

Yesterday I cried myself to sleep over I forget what....probably loneliness....Monday is karaoke night for my 'husband', so is Wednesday, and occasionally Friday's, let not forget some Saturday's too...another time another place though....not here. Probably shouldn't have typed what I typed....

I cut my hair last night....using the it. I used it once before....I required an emergency to the salon afterward. I blunt cut what was supposed to be an angled cut, whoops. It was a cute haircut though. Last March I went from this length.....

to this accident:
I'll admit it was a nice change, this is right after the salon, when its always PERFECT. It never looked like that again.

This time I went from this:
to this:
Not a huge difference....but no major mistakes either! YAY!

I have some regrets about it....Like I want my hair long....IDK why, but I do....I'm thinking the longer it is the easier it would be to have down more often...I usually just throw it up in a mommy pony tail....ugh!

This year I am trying my hardest to stay motivated to loose weight, and make sure I look put together....this week that is not happening. See Post Title.

So far this year I have lost 4 pounds. Its nothing major, but I gotta keep going. Even if its only 4 pounds a months, that's almost 50 pounds in one year, I could be my goal weight this time next year!!!

Ooooh, Sassy Lacquer has a spring line coming soon. Bloggers have been lined up for reviews, and you should start seeing them within two weeks or so....Yay. I'm not sure of a release date yet....
Here is a sneak peek. Which one is your fav?
"Spring Showers Bring May Flowers"

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
Darling Daffodil
A Frosty Crocus
Tiger Lily Wears Pink
Emerald Meadow
Blue Mist
Dawns' Dew

***Names are subject to change...


Friday, January 11, 2013

Is that mold on your nails???

That's what one of my friends said about this mani. She said it was the color combo. Thanks Kristen. :D

Anyways I may break this out again for Halloween and call it a monster mani, lol.

I used China Glaze Stone Cold as a base. I top coated it then put a matte coat on top, for drying purposes, yes I know Stone Cold is already matte. Then I dotted with clear and added the orange flocking powder, and then placed a light green gem on my nail also.

Then on the other hand I left Stone Cold shiny, and added clear to my ring finger, placed the green gem, and then flocked it.

What do you think? Mold? Monster?

Have a great day!


PS Grab your valentine polishes while their HOT. ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Stars and Gems

I haven't really been doing much with my nails lately, well this whole past year...You know, that depression thing...

Well I am slowly still climbing out of that hole.....sometimes I go deeper though and have to rework myself up...its a one step forward three step back progress. I'm trying. the walls of my hole are also covered with anxiety and control issues as well. I am trying to self heal. Its hard. My family helps though, they know my troubles and they helps whenever they can, most of the time by listening to me complain or cry...but at least it is something.

So on to the nails. I received some nail decor items for my birthday, from one of my birthday group buddies, Jessica, so I decided to use those. I used the stars and the gems that were in this little package.

For my base I used China Glaze For Audrey as a base, and then China Glaze Water You Waiting For as my 'tip'. Then I added some stars up the angle of the 'tip' and ended the angle with a gem.

I hope you enjoyed this mani.

For Audrey came from the same person as the glitter.
Water You Waiting For came from, oh well me, I think I bought it...can't remember, my memory sucks!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm a stalker...

Sort of, but not really.

There is this family down the road from me. It seems like a perfect one. Their lawn is green, even in the winter when most are dead. Their bushes are squared up. Their house is clean (on the outside). They have the best Christmas light display in the neighborhood (behind ours of course).  They have the neatest fort in a tree. Nice cars.

I don't know them personally.

I only drive by their house, 6 times a day or more. (For picking up and dropping of my kids at school, I swear I am not  Psychopath stalker)

Every time I drive by I learn something new about this family...

They have two sons, one middle school aged, and one elementary aged.

This morning I saw the middle school-er riding his bike back from them elementary school...I thought how sweet of him to take his brother to school.

Last year, I saw the mom walking to and from school, with her growing belly....she had a baby boy, I see blue in his carrier when she has him out with her.

Last week I saw them all outside taking Christmas decorations down, all together, willingly!

Every time I drive by my heart warms. They seem so perfect. I wonder if its like that on the inside of their home?

I put a smile on for others but inside I am breaking, I am falling apart. I am hurting. I am not happy. I am sad.

I am strong, I can do this, I will be happy! (eventually) (the grass isn't always greener on the other side)


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dreams are weird...

So I promised you a blog about sling shooting birds and laughing lemurs...

Well I took so long to jot it down that I kinda forgot the dream...

I do know I was unloading groceries, and the neighbors kept screeching and yelling every two I went to look and the laughing lemur was leading a gang of sling shooting birds in a full on attack of the


PS, I have TWO new polishes up for sale, 'Be Mine, Valentine?' , and 'You Make My Heart Sing'

Friday, January 4, 2013

Valentine's day has arrived at Sassy Lacquer

Hey there Sassy Lacquer fans!

I have two new polishes to show you today.

The first one up is 'Be Mine, Valentine?'

 Be Mine, Valentine? is a reddish pinkish slightly jelly base with micro red glitter bits. Also in this polish: matte lavender squares, matte pink hex's, and white hearts.

Second one up is 'You Make My Heart Sing'

You Make My Heart Sing is in a pink frosty jelly-ish base that shimmers in the light. Floating in the beauty are fine baby pink hex glitter, matte red hex glitter, a dash of holo pink hex glitter, matter red glitter, pink square glitter, and black hearts.

Head on over to the store to pick yours up. I have a limited supply of these, so get them before you can't.


Fantasy Fire

This polish I am going to show, you have prob seen many many many many times.

Its Max Factor Fantasy Factor over Revlon Royal. I Know its sooo overdone. I purchased the FF from an overseas fellow PaA'er, last year when it first came out, I swatched it on one nail and then kind of forgot about it. I decided to pull it out for the new year. As you know from a previous post, that is one of my goals, to used all of my untrieds...I probably have close to a hundred if not more. Insane.

not so nice picture but its the best I could get that green to come out and play...

I really like this combo, I tried it on a-England Perceval and it just wasn't good...I mean it was OK but not like it was on Royal.

Stay tuned, You don't want to miss the next two post's. Today is a double post day, I'm gonna show you what I released yesterday in the store.

And then for tomorrow, it involves sling shooting birds and laughing


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolution's for 2013

The warning I gave you two days ago...still stands! Both of them! I have marks that are still healing all over my right hand from Evil Kitty. And last night, I got kicked in the head by the two year old. And woke up once to find his feet in my face....not cool kid!

The Two Year Old Warm Bed Stealer

I have a weight loss group I started awhile back on FB. A member and friend suggested contests this year, once a month, a different person runs them each month. This month is J's month to run and she decided that it would be point based... Here what she posted in our group:

Alright so I will be in charge of January's challenge! I will send out the gift to whoever gets the most points this month. Here is how you get points...1 point everyday for writing your food down (on paper, in an ap, on the computer...just write it!), 1 point everyday for drinking 5 or more glasses of water a day. So that is a possible 62 points this month with a bonus of 5points to whoever looses the greatest percentage of weight. I am obviously focusing on things that help us see what we are doing to our bodies with a small bonus for actually loosing. Every Sunday either post here or send me a private message with your total points for the week. January 1st post or message me your starting weight. Let the games begin!!!

I am using MyFitnessPal to track my food and water intake, as well as tracking my body measurements. Its pretty easy and simple to use, I usually just keep the tab up on my laptop all day, so I can remember. Now Exercising will be the hardest part for me. I have signed up for a 30 Day Cardio Challenge, don't know much about it, but I really want to loose weight this time. Do you know how many years in a row that loosing weight has been in my list of resolutions??? At least 5....

Polish Related Resolution: Use all my untrieds before anymore new polish is allowed in the house! (I haven't brought new polish into the house in along time anyways....and no I'm not stashing it out of the house, lol) Do more nail art. Finish a mani from start to finish before the day ends.

Alot of things are about to change for me personally. I have some tough times ahead of me. I'm not going into details, sorry. But lets just say If I don't blog its because I'm dealing with Life. That has to come first with four kids. Speaking of them, I want to spend more time outside with them.

Overheard just now in the kids bedrooms:
Emma: Hey guys its Tuesday! Remember its Happy Meal day? Maybe if we be good (insert my Bwhahahaha  to myself laugh as I listen to her) we can go get one....(I'm thinking about it insanely enough, and then quickly remember its Wednesday...)
Me: Emma its Wednesday
Emma: Oh Man...

This takes me to another resolution, more home cooked meals, and less processed junk. More natural home remedies  Learn how to stay healthy using herbs and other things.

What number does that bring me to? Four? Ok so I want to take better care of myself. I need more me time, alone with out the kids or Kevin to discover who I am again. Four kids and ten years of marriage, I got kinda lost in there somewhere...

This is Emma and I, Sunday before Christmas.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Favorite of 2012

I thought It's be cool to do a My Favorite's of 2012 post? Yes? No?

So I went back through all of my post starting in January and picked one from each month.

Here's January's: Layering Glitter's

February: Bubble's

March's: Elle's Spell

April's: It was hard to pick, there were few choices I had been working all month to finalize my own polish line...and didn't really blog much, but my fav was the day I launched.

May's: Puppy Love I showed off my new haircut (because I failed to cut it myself, lol, what a joke) and You guys met the new puppy!

June's: Sassy Lacquer Blogger Line Reveal!   MONTHS in the making, blood sweat and some tears went into these polishes!

Sea Glass


July's: Independence Day! I was getting out of my slump...did something easy

August's: How's you Sunday Goin?  I found a new Church and really enjoyed it!

September's:  Sassy Lacquer Reviews  I loved googling my line and finding some of my line reviewed, that I didn't send to, quite fun!

October's: It was a Guest Post, From Whitney over at Dressed up nails, on one of my Gold and Pink Mani days to support Breast Cancer and Pediatric Cancer, it also featured a great little warrior also that is close to my heart. Take a look at the whole post for some awesome nail art and a cute little dragon fighter!

November's: I sucked at posting in November, only twice, lol! Oops. I chose the Last of the Halloween/Fall Festival's.

December's: I was kinda short with you all this month too! This year has been really hard on me...struggling with depression...So its hard finding time to sit and write. Candy Canes!


Many Wishes for the best this coming year! Happy New Year!!!