Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolution's for 2013

The warning I gave you two days ago...still stands! Both of them! I have marks that are still healing all over my right hand from Evil Kitty. And last night, I got kicked in the head by the two year old. And woke up once to find his feet in my face....not cool kid!

The Two Year Old Warm Bed Stealer

I have a weight loss group I started awhile back on FB. A member and friend suggested contests this year, once a month, a different person runs them each month. This month is J's month to run and she decided that it would be point based... Here what she posted in our group:

Alright so I will be in charge of January's challenge! I will send out the gift to whoever gets the most points this month. Here is how you get points...1 point everyday for writing your food down (on paper, in an ap, on the computer...just write it!), 1 point everyday for drinking 5 or more glasses of water a day. So that is a possible 62 points this month with a bonus of 5points to whoever looses the greatest percentage of weight. I am obviously focusing on things that help us see what we are doing to our bodies with a small bonus for actually loosing. Every Sunday either post here or send me a private message with your total points for the week. January 1st post or message me your starting weight. Let the games begin!!!

I am using MyFitnessPal to track my food and water intake, as well as tracking my body measurements. Its pretty easy and simple to use, I usually just keep the tab up on my laptop all day, so I can remember. Now Exercising will be the hardest part for me. I have signed up for a 30 Day Cardio Challenge, don't know much about it, but I really want to loose weight this time. Do you know how many years in a row that loosing weight has been in my list of resolutions??? At least 5....

Polish Related Resolution: Use all my untrieds before anymore new polish is allowed in the house! (I haven't brought new polish into the house in along time anyways....and no I'm not stashing it out of the house, lol) Do more nail art. Finish a mani from start to finish before the day ends.

Alot of things are about to change for me personally. I have some tough times ahead of me. I'm not going into details, sorry. But lets just say If I don't blog its because I'm dealing with Life. That has to come first with four kids. Speaking of them, I want to spend more time outside with them.

Overheard just now in the kids bedrooms:
Emma: Hey guys its Tuesday! Remember its Happy Meal day? Maybe if we be good (insert my Bwhahahaha  to myself laugh as I listen to her) we can go get one....(I'm thinking about it insanely enough, and then quickly remember its Wednesday...)
Me: Emma its Wednesday
Emma: Oh Man...

This takes me to another resolution, more home cooked meals, and less processed junk. More natural home remedies  Learn how to stay healthy using herbs and other things.

What number does that bring me to? Four? Ok so I want to take better care of myself. I need more me time, alone with out the kids or Kevin to discover who I am again. Four kids and ten years of marriage, I got kinda lost in there somewhere...

This is Emma and I, Sunday before Christmas.


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