Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Periods Suck!

That time of month again???


I can tell its onset is approaching with my HUGE ravenous appetite the week before. I eat everything is site, especially junk food. I go for salty and sweet, preferably at the same time.

Our puppy is in her first heat as well. I kept forgetting to make the dang spaying appointment, now I have to deal with her period too....
....and the male dog that frequents our yard from - get this......10 houses and two streets away! Freaking keep your dog on a leash or fix your fence people.

Yesterday I cried myself to sleep over I forget what....probably loneliness....Monday is karaoke night for my 'husband', so is Wednesday, and occasionally Friday's, let not forget some Saturday's too...another time another place though....not here. Probably shouldn't have typed what I typed....

I cut my hair last night....using the it. I used it once before....I required an emergency to the salon afterward. I blunt cut what was supposed to be an angled cut, whoops. It was a cute haircut though. Last March I went from this length.....

to this accident:
I'll admit it was a nice change, this is right after the salon, when its always PERFECT. It never looked like that again.

This time I went from this:
to this:
Not a huge difference....but no major mistakes either! YAY!

I have some regrets about it....Like I want my hair long....IDK why, but I do....I'm thinking the longer it is the easier it would be to have down more often...I usually just throw it up in a mommy pony tail....ugh!

This year I am trying my hardest to stay motivated to loose weight, and make sure I look put together....this week that is not happening. See Post Title.

So far this year I have lost 4 pounds. Its nothing major, but I gotta keep going. Even if its only 4 pounds a months, that's almost 50 pounds in one year, I could be my goal weight this time next year!!!

Ooooh, Sassy Lacquer has a spring line coming soon. Bloggers have been lined up for reviews, and you should start seeing them within two weeks or so....Yay. I'm not sure of a release date yet....
Here is a sneak peek. Which one is your fav?
"Spring Showers Bring May Flowers"

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
Darling Daffodil
A Frosty Crocus
Tiger Lily Wears Pink
Emerald Meadow
Blue Mist
Dawns' Dew

***Names are subject to change...



  1. Periods do suck. Be proud of your four pounds and keep at it. It'll be more before you know it. I can't wait to see your spring line. It looks really pretty, especially Blue Mist and Dawn's Dew.

  2. Periods are da debil. I know what you mean about hair, I'm currently trying to grow mine out yet again. I did the stacked bob a few times & finally grew it out, then went and got a stinking pixie. I have it reshaped into the stacked bob finally, but it's taking forever to grow out any more than that. I want ponytails again!!!


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