Monday, December 31, 2012


So last night I was kicked out of my warm bed by my two year old.

Okay so not really, but he came in and got in my bed, which usually happens around 3 am (most nights). He brings along his Pillow Pet, this time he added the blanket. (Night of Christmas he brought all of his pillow Pets- the mini one the normal sized one and his dream lite :/ ) 

Well last night we broke out the footie PJ' was cold for Florida last night, prob somewhere in the 30's.

He was all for them at first, until he got in my bed...

After he continued to sniff his little heart out, like he had a bugger he couldn't get rid of, and me telling him to stop, calmly at first....then rather aggressively....he finally stopped the sniffling. Then he moved on to moving....constantly! After about three minutes of non stop moving ( my husband is snoring through this all by the way...) I yelled at him to just stop and go to bed! But felt around for his blanket to cover him up, but I felt bare skin! That little turd took off his footie PJ's!! I can only imagine he takes after me and got hot in them. So I got up, Put other PJ's on him....And then laid back down....

Until I got fed up with him and just went to the couch to sleep....but the couch was occupied by another kid! What good is their bed doing if they don't sleep in them! Moved Him, then went to bed...finally.

About an hour later I woke up to horrible pain! Here is the warning: Do Not leave your hand dangling off the couch while living with cats!!! Ouch! I have claw marks galore on my hand...

Also another warning....don't have kids, they steal your warm bed!

Went to pee after the cat attack, and the little guy in bed was horizontal, feet up on Hubby's stomach, Arms stretched out almost to the edge of the bed....all snuggled up in his little blanket and my pillow!!! Turd.

Evil cat: In this picture he has glitter on him...because he laid in my pile I spilled before I got the chance to vacuum it up, again, evil cat. Max is his real name. He was found in a bush outside of my work when he was tiny tiny, and I was the UN-lucky gal who brought him home. He had 5-6 dawn baths, and it looked as if he was bleeding to death from all the fleas on this poor guy. (picture of tiny tiny cute sweet kitty below evil older kitty) 


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Snow in Florida you say?

nah, not really, no snow in Florida. I wish though, that would be awesome. Last time it snowed here it was 1989, that's 23 years ago! It wasn't even real snow, it was like a mist of snow that melted on the ground...

So today I have the other hand from yesterday's post - candy canes. I did some simple snow flake stamping with Zoya Robyn, over the white from the NOPI Kardashian collection, and then topped it with China Glaze Fairy Dust. (Fairy dust stink like a cheapo polish, have you ever noticed that?)

Sorry about the picture quality, I changed something on my camera and forgot to change it back.

And Our Christmas Tree this year:

See ya next time,

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Candy Canes.....

Hey there!

So last night I decided to finally paint my nails after a long break....I did some easy, but time consuming nail art.

I painted my white base, I used a NOPI, from the Kardashian line. Then I did some green stripes using the nail art tape. then I went back and did some red stripes, I used China Glaze Watermelon Rind and Ruby Pumps. Then I went over it with Seche Vite.

I was so happy with them. I went to show hubby, It has been like two hours since I had started, with breaks in between for drying time...and he's all like, cool but they don't look like candy canes, more like plain stripes. Thanks hunny, bubble busted.

So instead of doing the same design on the other hand...I did some simple stamping, I'll show you that tomorrow :) .

Monday, December 10, 2012

Its been awhile....

I'm sorry guys! Its been too long. Lots going on here with Christmas right around the corner. I am getting over being sick for two weeks, the kids got sick and even the hubby. Looking into herbal remedies and preventers so this stops happening.

I have some new stuff coming soon I promise!

Love to all!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


A while ago Chalkboard Nails posted a contest .... it was with warm and cool colors.

I did a mani for it, but never did submit it...Time got away with me. or something, ya...

This was my inspiration:

And here is my translation:

Below is my right hand. Obviously I am right handed, lol....

~ Carrie

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last of the Halloween/Fall Festival's

I am so thankful that Halloween is over!! I am so exhausted. Yesterday we trick or treated for two hours....TWO times!!! We've been to two Fall Festival's, one Trick or Treat Street, one Trunk or Treat.....
 My Halloween mani, It was a pumpkin polish, brown jelly base with orange glitter, one of the had to haves for me last

 My gang...
 someone found the clown stuff
 Batman! and Mike the Knight!
 Time for horses...
 Yep that's me.. :/
 Queen on the pony...
 He wanted the carriage, lol
 Bouncy ....
 Hi mom!
 Vampire eating the donut...
 These balls were getting hit back and forth, with people walking right in the way.....I'm shocked no one had any incidents with the balls....but this guy had fun collecting them and throwing them...

Petting zoo...


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TIHC Day 11: Recreation of your favorite

Well this is day 11 of Bec's challenge. Recreate your favorite from another challenger..

Well this is the last day!!! I cheated again...I am posting pictures of my favorites from each challenge:

Day one: Jas's Blingtastic Nail Blog

Day two: The Silverinator

Day three: The Girlie Tomboy

Day four: Somewhere over the polish rainbow

Day five: Lacquer or Leave Her

Day six: Plisherrific

Day seven: More Nail Polish

Day eight: Pretty Purple Polish

Day nine: Amoki's Corner

Day ten: Pink & Polished


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

TIHC Day 10: Trick or Treat

Well this is day 10 of Bec's challenge. Trick or Treat.....

I cheated a little with this one...

 Little Man's Fall Festival at Pre-K
 Big Kid's Fall Festival at School, with my mom and step dad.
 Big Guy as a clown
 The gang at the Church's Trunk or Treat
 Some cute puppies there...
 Filling our buckets!
 Little Guy bowling, he did so good! Emma knock them all down on her second shot, is that a spare?
 Petting the goat, this black one wanted to escape, he kept inching closer to the gate...
 Parker fishing
All Done.


Monday, October 29, 2012

TIHC Day 9: Graveyard

Well this is day 9 of Bec's challenge. Graveyards...