Monday, December 31, 2012


So last night I was kicked out of my warm bed by my two year old.

Okay so not really, but he came in and got in my bed, which usually happens around 3 am (most nights). He brings along his Pillow Pet, this time he added the blanket. (Night of Christmas he brought all of his pillow Pets- the mini one the normal sized one and his dream lite :/ ) 

Well last night we broke out the footie PJ' was cold for Florida last night, prob somewhere in the 30's.

He was all for them at first, until he got in my bed...

After he continued to sniff his little heart out, like he had a bugger he couldn't get rid of, and me telling him to stop, calmly at first....then rather aggressively....he finally stopped the sniffling. Then he moved on to moving....constantly! After about three minutes of non stop moving ( my husband is snoring through this all by the way...) I yelled at him to just stop and go to bed! But felt around for his blanket to cover him up, but I felt bare skin! That little turd took off his footie PJ's!! I can only imagine he takes after me and got hot in them. So I got up, Put other PJ's on him....And then laid back down....

Until I got fed up with him and just went to the couch to sleep....but the couch was occupied by another kid! What good is their bed doing if they don't sleep in them! Moved Him, then went to bed...finally.

About an hour later I woke up to horrible pain! Here is the warning: Do Not leave your hand dangling off the couch while living with cats!!! Ouch! I have claw marks galore on my hand...

Also another warning....don't have kids, they steal your warm bed!

Went to pee after the cat attack, and the little guy in bed was horizontal, feet up on Hubby's stomach, Arms stretched out almost to the edge of the bed....all snuggled up in his little blanket and my pillow!!! Turd.

Evil cat: In this picture he has glitter on him...because he laid in my pile I spilled before I got the chance to vacuum it up, again, evil cat. Max is his real name. He was found in a bush outside of my work when he was tiny tiny, and I was the UN-lucky gal who brought him home. He had 5-6 dawn baths, and it looked as if he was bleeding to death from all the fleas on this poor guy. (picture of tiny tiny cute sweet kitty below evil older kitty) 



  1. I just laughed my way through this whole post. Sorry you had such a bad night. I hope you get a nap today.

  2. OH, I could not stop giggling, nodding in sympathy and "oh, no!"ing my way through this whole narrative.

    I, too, have been recently kicked out of a nice warm bed by a viciously cute little 2 year old. Didn't have the kitty attack, though. DID have the hubby who slept through the whole ridiculous episode and then wondered why I was so cranky the next day.

    I officially give you permission to take the day off. (serious nod)

    1. Thanks....but who would I get to take care of the kids? LOL...


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