Thursday, February 24, 2011

My 4th 'ville.

Hunter. 8 pounds 4 ounces. 19 1/2 inches. Perfect!

Hunter's due date was a bunch of dates. I chose the 23rd for my due date, based on my period. At first the doctor went by my last period, October 21st. Then when we had the very first Ultrasound, the due date changed to October 29th. I wasn't believing that, because how in the world can you tell with a little tiny thing that looks like a glob of gunk on the machine screen? (I was only 8 weeks along at this point) So I went in for the Gender/midway through Ultrasound and the due date said the 19th! BUT, the doctor didn't change it. I knew there was no way on earth I was having this baby that late in the month! I kept to my 23rd due date.

On my 39 week visit I asked the doctor to strip my membranes, I thought for sure I was going to have a baby that day! I called work, they moved all my shifts for that week around....well that night (Friday night) came and went, no baby. On Saturday, we went to the flea market to walk around thinking that would get things moving....

We tried the other natural thing you all must be thinking about also, with no luck.

Saturday came and went. The Doctor told me that usually when she strips a woman's membranes and they are favorable like I was, that they were in the hospital within 72 hours having a baby! So that gave me until Monday mid afternoon.

Sunday we just did our normal things, I walked a few circles in the neighborhood - nothing, went to walmart got some things just in case, like easy meals - nothing. Went to Publix (my work)- got funny looks, like I should be labor by now! LOL!

Monday comes around, I'm bummed....sent the kids to school, Kevin to work. I think I worked that night or Maybe I went to walmart to get the things i mentioned above tonight? But anyhow I stopped by McDonald's and got a large chocolate milkshake, drank it all. Came home, unloaded groceries, and went to bed.

2 AM Tuesday morning I wake up with stomach pains, which was just gas....then the diarrhea started....then I vomited...I thought I might have a bug.

This was constant till about 6:30 when Kevin said we had to get up to get the kids ready and I started feeling worse, so I looked up the signs and it mentioned labor signs! Ack! I wasn't prepared for that! Then I got up and walked around, because wasn't feeling any contractions. Kevin had me call Jennifer, our awesome neighbor/friend, she agreed with the labor signs as Kevin was telling me too, I was kinda blowing it off as nothing, cuz there were no contractions, then I started to feel them....I timed them, 6 minutes apart....Kevin called into work, we got the kids off to the bus, and Jennifer came over to watch Parker. Kevin and I went to the hospital. Luckily I had my bags packed and the kids prepared over the weekend!!!

We get to triage in L&D and they check me, I am about 4-5 cm....and contracting every 5-6 minutes. They decide to admit me pretty quickly....So we walk to the L&D area, get a room.....

Then they prick me...and prick me again, both hurt like another! Then the last chance I gave them the male nurse, who has on toe shoes - yes I'm not kidding, to shoes - did the prick for the IV and got it in first try! Ready to go now!
Still at 5 cm though, I was there for awhile, until they gave me pitocin, I dilated, ordered the Epidural, got the Epidural, and then relaxed so I could dilate more....

We told the doctor through all of this that when I started to push He HAD to be here, because it won't take long! I don't think he believed us!

When I was finally feeling pressure I quick ordered another shot of Epi....and then the Nurse checked me and I was ready to go.....Kevin's parents had to cut their visit short because this happened while they were there! Also the Epi wasn't killing all the pain - with Riley and Emma it was painless, and with Parker the Epi didn't get me numb all the way, but this was better than Parker's Epi!

Anyways the Doctor earlier had said we would have the baby by was 4:20. I was ready to go, feeling pressure trying not to push, waiting for the doctor, The nurse had me push once to see.....Then he yelled STOP, two seconds into that push, he said don't do that again till the doctor comes in!

Apparently the Doctor has to be in the room when the baby is born, something about liability, so the nurse said if he was to come out, he would hold a foot in, so technically he wouldn't be born yet, LOL! Oh Boy!

So at about 4:40 the doctor comes in, he is undressed ready to go into the other room because he thinks I wouldn't be ready....He stands there tells me to push so he can 'see'. Well I push, he yells STOP a second later.....turns around, gets his gown on, turns around.....well I couldn't not push or hold it or stop it or whatever, I had a baby coming out, you try holding it in, or by the time he turned around Hunter's head was out.....

Hunter was born at 4:47 pm On Tuesday October 19th 2010! His Gender Ultrasound Due Date! Told them Doctors so! I also told the Doctor, I told you so! That he needed to be there when I pushed!

When they told me how much he weighed I had to ask again!?! He was 8 pounds 4 ounces. That is 1 pound 2 ounces more than Riley-who was my biggest Baby!

He is Perfect!

Proud Daddy!

My 4-ville's:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We made our first trip of this year to the beach this past Saturday. It started out pretty rough, Kevin and I were at each others throats for a couple days and the kids weren't listening but we took them on a drive and we ended up going to Ft. Desoto over in St. Petersburg for an hour or so...

It wasn't the best trip ever, but the kids had fun, the weather was awesome, and it was Hunter's first time, could have been Parker's too, I'm not sure!?! How sad is that?

We're we live we only have the bay beach, and it isn't very appealing. The water is very dark and mucky, there isn't a shallow versus deep, it is all ankle to waist deep! The sand is gray and shelly, and there are ants all over it!

Ft. Desoto was named number one beach in America! And it is! It was clear, the sand was awesome! It wasn't too crowded, heck there were maybe 50 people on it....It has a fishing has a Fort to explore, and a ferry to go over to an Island.

We will definitely go back to this beach, even though it costs $2.70 to get there and back in tolls, and is 35-45 minutes away!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Gift! (To Myself!)

The sheets on my bed have seen better days! So I went SHOPPING!!!!!!! I found one I liked. It was at Bed, Bath & Beyond-love that store! It was a very pretty vintage type style. Light green and white, with some blues and pinks and grays, in a paisley pattern. Came with everything, comforter, sheets, bed skirt, throw pillows and pretty pillow cases. It was $180. I kept coming back to it in the store, but then I thought to look at the thread count, it was only 200. That is like buying a store brand Reese's Cup, you just don't go there! So I kept looking, sheets and comforters are expensive! I went to JCP across the way, walked into their Home department and fell in LOVE! HARD! It was light and airy, and looked so inviting! It was a blue and white Paisley pattern! Cindy Crawford's line. So I called Kevin to see what he thought, he said it was ridiculous to spend that much money on something like that, and that we would find a nice one at a garage sale, or somewhere else cheaper. So I walked away from it......

.....looked at some sheets, picked out a Cindy Crawford's set of light blue 400 thread cotton to die for sheets.....

.....and then went to drool over the comforter some more...

.....I finally said the heck with it, I want it and I am going to get it, I DESERVE it! I came home stuck the sheets in the washer and rotated my mattress, and made my new bed. It looks so great! Even Kevin liked it! He even said the sheets were hard to get off of (HeHe).

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentines Dinner:

For dinner on Valentines day I wanted to do something cute! So I made a meatloaf-which I previously swore off ever making it again, story to follow- I shaped it into a heart, and served it with asparagus-Kevin's favorite, roasted brussels sprouts, and mashed potato's!

Before I stared mixing anything I took six slices of bread and soaked them with 1 cup of lactaid milk, I use lactaid in my meals in place of milk for Kevin, he's not good with regular milk.

I took two pounds of ground beef, threw in a good handful of fresh chopped Parsley, an over flowing cup of parmesan/reggiano,asagio cheese.

Four eggs

added the eggs and the soaked bread and started mushing it together....

yummy looking, huh?

Shaped it into a heart, isn't it cute?

Topped it with stips of BACON!

Made a delicious topping of ketchup, ground mustard, and brown sugar.

Coated it with the yummy glaze...and again about 15 minutes before it was done...

And this is how it turned out, of course you can't smell it, it was delicious! (Kevin didn't like it though, go figure! :/

Roasted Brussels Sprouts


Mashed Potato's with that new Phillidelphia cooking creme (italian herb and cheese flavor)

As promised above here is why I swore off meatloaves: I fail, miserably with them. They fall apart, taste yucky, look nasty....I've tried every recipe out there...This one will need some tweaking if I am to make it again though, as Kevin didn't like it at all!

Emma's Six!

Well this year Emma turned six. I still can't believe how fast the kids are growing up. You saw that she got her ears pierced for her birthday. She loves them, she reminds me to turn them and clean them. She is such a sweet girl, she has a very big heart. She cries at sad movies, I think it was homeward bound, that was the first movie she cried while watching it. She was jumping up and down on the couch yelling at me to save the She wants everyone to be her friend. At school she is best friends with this little Spanish girl who can barely speak English, I've heard that they hold hands, and Emma is very caring! She can also be a little ..... well there's not a nice word for it, she can be bratty! But she is my little princess, and always will be!

Her cake, we shared with Jennifer, Red, Lexi, and Ricky.

This is Emma at school, day after her Birthday, since she was out sick for three days:

These are her cupcakes I sent to school:

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

So, here I sit at my computer on Valentines day, at 12:31 in the morning! Why? Because this silly mom FORGOT to bake the heart shaped cookies for her childrens classrooms! 'Gasp'! The sad thing is that I had the whole day off until 6 pm, thats when I went to work at Publix. So when I got home from work at 11, I started the cookie dough....shaped it into two big hearts and baked each one. Now they are cooling off....debating whether or not I should wait up to frost them or just get up earlier in the AM (technically we are already in the AM) and frost them then. I will probably not want to get up in the AM to do it, so I had best do them tonight.....Oh the things we mothers do for our children! I don't think they have any clean long pants to wear tommorrow either, OH CRAP! I best get a load of laundry in too then! This night (morning, technically) just keeps getting better and better! Grrrrrr!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My 'mothers' ring

When Kevin Proposed to me, He didn't have my real engagement was on "pawn-a-way". HaHa. So he bought a cheaper one to give me when he asked me. About a year or so after I had Parker I turned it into a mothers ring, by replacing the diamonds with the kids birthstones. I loved it! It was sentimental and a perfect fit, it had three settings and I had three children. BUT, then came I decided I wanted to keep the ring, because of its sentimental value, so I had the local Jewelry shop add another 'head' or setting as I call it with Hunters Birthstone. It is truly unique, no one else has one like it! LOVE!

I don't have a picture on this computer of the original way, but this is what is was like with the first three Childrens birthstones in it:

And here it is with the setting for Hunter:

The Diamond is for Riley, Amethyst is for Emma, Sapphire is for Parker, and the Pink Tourmaline is for Hunter.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Emmas Day Out!

I was browsing Facebook one Monday morning, and Emma was over my shoulder watching the computer. She was home sick (sort of, she was fine other than a fever at this point). Well one of my cousins posted a picture of his daughter on facebook, she had just gotten her ears peirced, with Hello Kitty earrings. Emma said, "I want those". I asked if she wanted to go get her ears pierced amd she said "yes!". Well before, all the other times I have asked her she has answered no! So I told Kevin(He was off that Monday-perfect), lets go do it today. Her Birthday was on Wednesday, so it would be her gift. So we went! She was Brave, had a lolipop for distraction, because i think she was mainly thinking of the cute Hello Kitty earrings and not how they were going to get in her ears. :) So she is in the chair, and the Lady at Claire's - who was great- was getting her all prepped, cleaned her ears, dotted them. (I remember doing this, I worked at a small Kiosk in the mall when I was younger and did ear piercing too). Well the Lady took out the 'gun' and quickly did the first ear, it was very fast...then thats when Emma sorta panicked, she was like "ow! that hurts", and she teared up a bit, but that GREAT Lady was so quick before Emma had time to fight her off she was done with the other ear, and Emma was smiling in less than a minute!



A New Year

Well Its a month into 2011, and I haven't posted since August last year! I haven't been busy busy, but Just nothing really major to talk/post about. Unless you count having a BABY! Hunter was born on October 19, 2010 at 4:47. Weighing in at 8 pounds 4 ounces. He is just the cutest little boy ever....besides my other two boys! I'll post about his birth on another day.

I hope the year is better than last year...We have had our ups and our downs of 2010. we don't need anymore!

I hope to post at least once a week, that is my goal. I want to include meals I make or recipes also. I would also like to see my blog being read too, not just by my best freind, Nancy, so pass it along if it inspires you or moves you, or whatever.

Here is a picture of Hunter soon after his birth:

Here is a more recent one: