Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

So, here I sit at my computer on Valentines day, at 12:31 in the morning! Why? Because this silly mom FORGOT to bake the heart shaped cookies for her childrens classrooms! 'Gasp'! The sad thing is that I had the whole day off until 6 pm, thats when I went to work at Publix. So when I got home from work at 11, I started the cookie dough....shaped it into two big hearts and baked each one. Now they are cooling off....debating whether or not I should wait up to frost them or just get up earlier in the AM (technically we are already in the AM) and frost them then. I will probably not want to get up in the AM to do it, so I had best do them tonight.....Oh the things we mothers do for our children! I don't think they have any clean long pants to wear tommorrow either, OH CRAP! I best get a load of laundry in too then! This night (morning, technically) just keeps getting better and better! Grrrrrr!

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