Saturday, February 12, 2011

My 'mothers' ring

When Kevin Proposed to me, He didn't have my real engagement was on "pawn-a-way". HaHa. So he bought a cheaper one to give me when he asked me. About a year or so after I had Parker I turned it into a mothers ring, by replacing the diamonds with the kids birthstones. I loved it! It was sentimental and a perfect fit, it had three settings and I had three children. BUT, then came I decided I wanted to keep the ring, because of its sentimental value, so I had the local Jewelry shop add another 'head' or setting as I call it with Hunters Birthstone. It is truly unique, no one else has one like it! LOVE!

I don't have a picture on this computer of the original way, but this is what is was like with the first three Childrens birthstones in it:

And here it is with the setting for Hunter:

The Diamond is for Riley, Amethyst is for Emma, Sapphire is for Parker, and the Pink Tourmaline is for Hunter.

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