Sunday, February 20, 2011

Emma's Six!

Well this year Emma turned six. I still can't believe how fast the kids are growing up. You saw that she got her ears pierced for her birthday. She loves them, she reminds me to turn them and clean them. She is such a sweet girl, she has a very big heart. She cries at sad movies, I think it was homeward bound, that was the first movie she cried while watching it. She was jumping up and down on the couch yelling at me to save the She wants everyone to be her friend. At school she is best friends with this little Spanish girl who can barely speak English, I've heard that they hold hands, and Emma is very caring! She can also be a little ..... well there's not a nice word for it, she can be bratty! But she is my little princess, and always will be!

Her cake, we shared with Jennifer, Red, Lexi, and Ricky.

This is Emma at school, day after her Birthday, since she was out sick for three days:

These are her cupcakes I sent to school:

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