Sunday, May 29, 2011

Butterfly Sparkles

I was looking through pictures online looking for inspiration, and found the monarch butterfly nails. They are very pretty! There was one on the MAU board with a very pretty blue color. I didn't want to do all of my nails, as I thought it might be a bit overpowering. I also liked Collette's french tip swirl drag mani, she has up on her blog, so I combined them. I used China Glaze Fairy Dust for a base, and swirl the tips with Sally Hansen's White On and Black Out. It isn't exactly like hers, I think hers are prettier swirls...this was my first time. Then on each of my ring fingers I did a base of Sinful Colors Hazard, then used the SH Black Out and White On to create the wing. I think I did a pretty good job!
Although my pictures aren't the best Maybe I will try to take some better ones later today while I am at the beach, we're heading there this afternoon to have some fun splashing around and to watch the sunset, hopefully the weather cooperates! We are having a very laid back weekend, How about you guys?

Saturday, May 28, 2011


As per a request from a friend, Kristen, I did a leopard themed manicure. I used a neutral base from Wet n Wild, a light pink beige color. I stamped it with Bundle Monster plate 221, using Wet n Wild Black Creme, that I scored at Walgreen's for 69 cents! Then I taped off the tips and painted them black...I wore it like that until I thought of coloring in the print with my Yellow Paint pen I found at Big Lots.

I like this, I am still wearing it, its been two days! Will probably have it on for at least another day too!

What do you think?

I'm still getting used to my new camera, so if the pictures aren't very good, I'm sorry....
I also need to make me one of those light boxes!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pink Wednesday...I lost count...

Good morning! This is a manicure that I wore a couple days ago....but its pink and today is pink Wednesday so this is where its going! I chose Finger Paints Give pink a Chance, from their new collection-summer something or another. It was a thick application like the Go Van Gogh from yesterdays post. It is a orangy pink when applied, not my favorite, but it was pretty,  wish I had remembered to snap a picture before I put Sinful Colors Frenzy on top of it. Frenzy is a pink/purple/silver glitter, slightly bigger than normal glitter polish ...its nice....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Go Van Gogh!

Well today I bring you a half and half Manicure. I tried to do some stamping on the purple side with the green, BUT the stamp I chose looked stupid, and I just removed it quickly, that's also why they might not look the shiniest or a bit smudged. Sorry. I used Finger Paints Go van Gogh! as a base then taped off half my nail with scotch tape and used Ulta Tutu Cute. It was just OK, not a wow....they are both kind of muted colors. The Finger paints was a bit thick going on...and the Ulta went on very nicely!

sorry about that hair on the thumb, eww!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Flowers, Finally!

A couple postings back I made a really lame joke about April Showers/May Flowers....well its the end of May and there are Flowers! Thanks to my cousin, Candace, I wanted to try daisies on a light pastel color....

I was in Sally Beauty Supply and had to spend$20 to use my coupon and came across some cute simple little white flowers that had some pink and orange flowers as well, but mostly white, so I grabbed them.

I came home and put on Orly Razzle, an great color! It looks like a raspberry, its so delicious looking, VERY similar to Zoya Roxy. I used four coats of it, plus Seche Vite. And then I placed a few flowers on each nail. I am very Happy with the results.

Sunset lighting

See the pretty shimmer in it!

Do you like it?
Whats your favorite hand/body lotion?

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well I started off wanting to do Chloe's Nails design called Scotch Tape Rays.....but when I went to do the cutting of the tape I got really frustrated with it...couldn't get it thin and straight, so I went with just a diagonal line. I started off using a base of Sally Hansen White On, and then China Glaze Red Stallion, then Seche Vite. The next morning I then did the tape thing with Misa Dying Love. It looked very harsh and I added dome dots of China Glaze Tantalize Me. I am not really liking it in the picture, that is why there is only one, and the Seche Vite shrank my polish after I cleaned it it looks messy in the picture :( I only wore it for a day.

Do you like it? Is the design OK, maybe with different colors? Three of one color, different shades perhaps....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Growing up

My littlest one is getting so big. Today he is 7 months old. He is 23 pounds and 28 inches long! He is one big guy! He is sticking out his tongue and its so cute, its a little pointy red tongue, lol. He's holding his own bottle (almost), He babbles-loudly, Loves his siblings. He is one Cutie Pahtutie! I love when its just me and him and he kinda snuggles up on me while he eats or if its first thing in the morning how smiley he is. big baby!

My son Parker is one little character! He is just the funniest thing. He loves watching Max and Ruby and he thinks Max is so funny. He is going to 'school' once a week for speech and he absolutely has a ball! Loves going, he gets up and gets dressed, puts shoes on, its so sweet. He loves his mama! He is such a mommy's boy!

My two little ones

Emma is doing so well in school, she is so bright. She is very girly, hates bugs....she loves getting her nails painted, picks out her for each nail usually, lol. She is definitely our Princess.

She wasn't feeling well in this picture :(

Riley is struggling with school, but I think that he isn't trying. He knows he smart, I know he is smart, so does his teacher, but he just doesn't try. How do you get a second grader to try harder? Other than that he is a great kid, a little mello dramatic at times but overall he's a good kid. Boys are immature until they hit 40....some even remain immature well after that (Husband). I love my Riley, he's my artist!

Riley and his fish he won at the school festival!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink Wednesday the Fifth!

Well Today I am very very subtle at wearing pink. Its very feminine, dainty, not me, lol....
The base I used was Orly's Fifty Four, its a very sheer clear with the tiniest hint of pink, with specks of pinks that need to hit the light just right to see them. I used 4-5 coats I believe of it. Then I tipped it off with Wet N' Wild's 431D, its a very light slightly shimmery pink-very neutral. Of course with a top coat of Seche Vite to finish it off.

Here it is: My middle finger's tip got messed up while making up a bed, and th Seche vite created a bit of drag on my middle and pointer, but oh well, I was being impatient.

Is this to your liking or not for you? I'm kinda in the middle, very classy but yet not my style, I should have gone with a brighter pink for the tips....Live and Learn I guess.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life is hard...

I know life isn't perfect, but I was hoping it would be! I wanted the white picket fence, with the respectful, thoughtful, obeying, sweet, caring children, and amazing Husband, a house two cars and a dog....the life each girl craves when she is little. It hasn't turned out as I had expected it too, and I think I am done trying to make it 'that' way.

I have been having 'meltdown' problems recently, like little blood pressure / anxiety flareups, and I really need to get that under control, but realizing what is causing them was/is the hardest part. It is/was my dream of that perfect life that is causing them. Nothing is ever perfect and I needed to realize that before I can start to heal myself, or except that nothing is perfect. I'm not over these, I know there will be more, but I know when there coming, I know I need to take a minute and I need to breathe and calm down before I can go back to what I was doing, not only for my sake but for my loved ones too, especially my innocent children!

When I get these meltdowns, I get hot and I feel like my blood is bubbling, and I start to have a claustrophobic feeling inside my body...and things start spinning.

It doesn't help that I have all this stress in my life too, I will not go into every sorted detail about that stress as it is personal and I'm not willing to share all of it with ya'll yet. Lets just call it stress, it covers it all....I feel like I am spread so thin.

I had a good long talk with my mommy (yes I still call her mommy) on mothers day, and that really helped. Along with all my facebook Friends there for me as well too! I know I have alot of support so that helps too!

K and I had a really good talk too (after a really bad talk the other night) and things are looking up for the near future.

Most of all I need to realize that I CAN'T do it all, and that needs to be OK with me before I can continue to heal.

My name is Carrie and I am far from Perfect.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

April & May's finds/scores...

April Showers bring May flowers? Well it didn't shower on me in April, but I have pretties for you and its May....
Ya OK that was a bit retarded, sorry....I tried.

I bought the Finger paints at Sally, they had buy three of the new line and get the cute little purse pictured at the end FREE. It's really cute. The polishes I bought are below, I got the green and purple sparklie ones and the pink with the deal I mentioned, then went back in and bought the green one and black glittery one. The pink and green non glitters, are very thick and kinda hard to apply smoothly....the glitters go on like a jelly!

Where art Renoir?, Give Pink A Chance, Peaceful Purple, Go Van Gogh!, All You Need is Color

On Mothers day, I spent it with my Bestie,, we went out to eat and SHOPPING. We went to Sally, then enjoyed a great lunch at the Olive Garden, and then went to Kohl's. We then hit up Bed Bath and Beyond, man do they carry alot of polish lines, and at good prices too, unexpectedly good prices...not cheap, but equivalent to Wal-mart perhaps. And Ulta was right there......these are my first Ulta polishes, they were buy two get two. The blue is a great color! The Purple is a little muted, grey under tones...might be a good stamping polish.
Tutu cute, Blue Streak

These were purchased at target one day.....awhile ago....all pretty colors, the glitter made me a little mad trying to get those bigger pieces on my nail! Ugh!
Starry Silver Glitter, Cashmere Creme, White on, Lacey Lilac

These are from Wal-mart, They look great on top of crackle or 'like' colors.
Oh Baby!, Busted

These beauties were purchased from Sally, I walked in to kill some time before work, working next to Sally is a hazard....And they had these four! I got them all of course! Everyone applies good...
Crushed Candy, Lightning bolt, Broken Hearted, Cracked concrete

Plus these two, It was a buy two get one free I bought the four above and got these free! I haven't tried these yet...
Razzle, Last Call (this is Nina Ultra Pro)

Found these pens at Big Lots....$2 each. Not quite sure how I like them I tried the purple one once, on a post found here. It is pictured last on that post, it was slightly uneven base due to the stamp, so maybe that was the problem....
Purple, Blue, Pink, and Yellow

And this is the free purse from the Finger Paints deal at Sally.
Purple flower purse.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pink Wednesday, Hyper Haute!

For today's pink Wednesday I used China Glaze Hyper Haute, from the tronica collection. It is a yummy Holographic pink. The only thing I'm not to keen on, is that it dries super fast, one brush stoke down the middle on my nail and I go to the second stoke and it pulls up a little from the first was managable though, and looks so 'Haute' when finished! I then stamped it with Orly Velvet Rope using a flower found on Bundle Monsters 03 plate. I stamped a bunch of times so it looked like a full nail design instead of one lone turned out fabulous!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthday Party fun!

A week ago was my Bestie's sons 1st Birthday party. I decided something festive was in order. I used CND Hotski To Tchotchke as a base. I then added some spirals, or festive streamers? ;)  I used Sally Hansens Xtreme wear line, in Mellow Yellow and Crushed, I used Bundle Monster plate 224. I had to triple stamp each color, so that is why it is messy or slighty blurry looking....I think this was my second sort of succesful stamping project. I am wearing a perfect stamping project right now, to be shown later this week! It is so pretty and came out so pretty, It was My Mothers day Manicure!

BTW, hope everyone had a Fab Mothers Day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I finally found it! Crackle!

After numerous trips into Sally Beauty Supply, I finally scored some crackle, four of them! I picked up the grey-Cracked Concrete, blue/green-Crushed Candy, pink-Broken Hearted, and the white-Lightning Bolt. I was so excited about it! ( I also scored the buy two get one free deal) :)

For this manicure I used Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear - Blue it for my base and China Glaze Crackle - Lightning Bolt for the top. I wore it like that for a day then came home and put some Pure Ice - Oh Baby on it for a change up!

I really like the crackle/shatter polishes. But I guess they aren't for eveyone, some like the look, some hate it and some love it, I love them! They are unique and there are som many ways to wear them.

I got a Boo-Boo :(

Whats your take on the Crackle Polishes? Do you love, hate, or like them?