Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well I started off wanting to do Chloe's Nails design called Scotch Tape Rays.....but when I went to do the cutting of the tape I got really frustrated with it...couldn't get it thin and straight, so I went with just a diagonal line. I started off using a base of Sally Hansen White On, and then China Glaze Red Stallion, then Seche Vite. The next morning I then did the tape thing with Misa Dying Love. It looked very harsh and I added dome dots of China Glaze Tantalize Me. I am not really liking it in the picture, that is why there is only one, and the Seche Vite shrank my polish after I cleaned it it looks messy in the picture :( I only wore it for a day.

Do you like it? Is the design OK, maybe with different colors? Three of one color, different shades perhaps....


  1. Wow that looks pretty, and sexy!

  2. I like this. Do you think you would like it without the dots and a few more stripes? I like the red on black. It looks classy and sexy!

  3. A few more stripes would have worked...I guess...Or maybe a blacker black...


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