Thursday, May 19, 2011

Growing up

My littlest one is getting so big. Today he is 7 months old. He is 23 pounds and 28 inches long! He is one big guy! He is sticking out his tongue and its so cute, its a little pointy red tongue, lol. He's holding his own bottle (almost), He babbles-loudly, Loves his siblings. He is one Cutie Pahtutie! I love when its just me and him and he kinda snuggles up on me while he eats or if its first thing in the morning how smiley he is. big baby!

My son Parker is one little character! He is just the funniest thing. He loves watching Max and Ruby and he thinks Max is so funny. He is going to 'school' once a week for speech and he absolutely has a ball! Loves going, he gets up and gets dressed, puts shoes on, its so sweet. He loves his mama! He is such a mommy's boy!

My two little ones

Emma is doing so well in school, she is so bright. She is very girly, hates bugs....she loves getting her nails painted, picks out her for each nail usually, lol. She is definitely our Princess.

She wasn't feeling well in this picture :(

Riley is struggling with school, but I think that he isn't trying. He knows he smart, I know he is smart, so does his teacher, but he just doesn't try. How do you get a second grader to try harder? Other than that he is a great kid, a little mello dramatic at times but overall he's a good kid. Boys are immature until they hit 40....some even remain immature well after that (Husband). I love my Riley, he's my artist!

Riley and his fish he won at the school festival!

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