Thursday, May 5, 2011

Failed...miserably in all ways!

I had this great expectation last night from the manicure I had in mind and it just turned out lame, My husband said he liked it, but it was really really lame....
And then on top of that it made me get into a self hate mode...I had just spent some time on my hour or so....start to finish...and it was really ticking me off that they didn't look the way I had imagined.
I started feeling low self esteem creep up...I went to bed, but couldn't sleep so I got up and took a shower and sat in there for the longest time...just thinking. I hate it when I get into these modes. I know I am way better than this, and this all over Friggin' Nail Polish! Grrr.

So this morning I had to look at the lame nails for awhile before I just decided to put the base coat on over the design I had done-lame- and then put a crackle on top....I feel much better about myself now. Its funny how a little bit a 'pretties' on your fingers can lift your spirits.
No picture right now, but I will post it sometime this weekend!

To all of my blogger Friends out there, keep the ideas coming, they are my inspirations! And thank you, all of you!

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