Saturday, May 28, 2011


As per a request from a friend, Kristen, I did a leopard themed manicure. I used a neutral base from Wet n Wild, a light pink beige color. I stamped it with Bundle Monster plate 221, using Wet n Wild Black Creme, that I scored at Walgreen's for 69 cents! Then I taped off the tips and painted them black...I wore it like that until I thought of coloring in the print with my Yellow Paint pen I found at Big Lots.

I like this, I am still wearing it, its been two days! Will probably have it on for at least another day too!

What do you think?

I'm still getting used to my new camera, so if the pictures aren't very good, I'm sorry....
I also need to make me one of those light boxes!


  1. How creative! I very much enjoy looking at your pictures


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