Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Flowers, Finally!

A couple postings back I made a really lame joke about April Showers/May Flowers....well its the end of May and there are Flowers! Thanks to my cousin, Candace, I wanted to try daisies on a light pastel color....

I was in Sally Beauty Supply and had to spend$20 to use my coupon and came across some cute simple little white flowers that had some pink and orange flowers as well, but mostly white, so I grabbed them.

I came home and put on Orly Razzle, an great color! It looks like a raspberry, its so delicious looking, VERY similar to Zoya Roxy. I used four coats of it, plus Seche Vite. And then I placed a few flowers on each nail. I am very Happy with the results.

Sunset lighting

See the pretty shimmer in it!

Do you like it?
Whats your favorite hand/body lotion?


  1. I absolutely love this! Wow! I want you to do my nails like that. :) My favorite by far. Great work Carrie!

  2. I love it! I love that pink too. You did a great job! Looks FABULOUS!!!

  3. thanks cuz's! The polish started to peel last night! Grrr. I used a top coat as a base, so its my fault, oh well....I barely had to use remover, that was the good part!


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