Friday, May 28, 2010

Baby is getting stronger...

Here I am about 17 weeks and 5 days along....I was feeling tiny movements, nothing like what I am feeling now. Now I am at 18 weeks 7 days, tomorrow I'm 19 weeks! (almost halfway through)I can now almost feel the baby on the outside, she/he has grown that much. Its always incredible no matter if its your first or tenth.....fourth and last in my case!

Here are my other three as newborns:

Riley and his chart!

Well, I think I have found something that is finally working with Riley and his behavior! I have a chart (ladder type) that he can 'climb' up to earn his reward for the week, if he does his chores and does well in school.....he also has to climb down if he doesn't do them or does bad at school. So far so good! We'll have to see what next week brings! I think seeing his results is helping him more. A friend was telling me that boys are more visual than girls are, and that boys don't really care what you take away from them, but girls do.....or in other words, Its harder on girls when you take things away from them, versus boys.

I might have to start one with Emma, or at least get her started with Kindergarten 'rules' that I know they do in school, that way when she gets to school she knows whats going on and is already prepared....

Parker needs to work on not telling me 'no' all the time....he finally starts talking better and he can say no perfectly! LOL! This morning Kevin was saying goodbye, and Parker told him NO and grabbed his hand and drug him out to the living room to sit! LOL!

So this summer, I know I really have to work on this for them both (and Parker) to get through school (and Life) without issues for behavior! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.......

Thursday, May 20, 2010

So Tired! (more of a Vent than a Blog)

Well the title says it all! This Pregnancy is killing me....not literally. I am 17 weeks almost 18! Thats almost the end of four months of being tired constantly. I had one good week were I cleaned the entire house, I thought I had broken through to the light on the other side of pregnancy! NOT! I sleep in everyday while the two younger kids watch cartoons....Then when I get up I just want to sit down again. I don't get any energy till around 5 at night! This is stupid! I just want my 'normal' to come back....Please?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gender Myths? True? False?

Ever tried to predict the sex of the baby before hand? I have....I have done the ring test, the intelligender test, the way you carry test, the heartbeat test, the Chinese gender chart, and probably some others.

I was right for all three of my pregnancies. Am I right this time. I hope so. I really want another little girl. I am ready for all that pink girly stuff. The cute outfits I am seeing all over the place make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

For this pregnancy, The Chinese gender chart has said it is a girl....if I/we conceived in Jan...If I/we conceived in Feb, it is a boy....I'm thinking it happened in January (I'm hoping). The Intelligender test said it will be a boy, hoping it was wrong. The heartbeat has been consistently faster than 150, said to be higher than 140 it is a girl, lower than 140 it is said to be a boy. Both of my boy's heartbeats were in the 140's and Emma's heartbeat was usually in the high 150's to low 160's. I can say that I think I am carrying 'all around' versus carrying a 'basket ball' (also rumored to be girl characteristic).

So on June 14th, I will know the answer for once and all! I am so excited, I think I will become more attached to this pregnancy/Baby when I know for sure what it'll be!

I am just hoping that if it does turn out to be a boy that I will be just as happy...I'm sure I will, but all I can think about right now is having a girl.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Toy Toys Toys....they are everywhere

No matter how many times I go through the kid's toys, I still seem to throw out or get rid of at least one big box each time! Where are all the toys coming from.

Oh yeah, its the hubby's fault! He will buy buy buy. One year for Christmas he got so excited over 'Little people' sets, that we had a whole town by the time he was done buying them! .....Well I tried to find the picture of the whole set of them, But must have deleted it...We tried to sell on Craigslist, but no one else was silly enough to want/buy the whole darn set! I sent the rest to my moms house (snickering).

This is why they are everywhere: (PS, thanks Mom and Lucky)

The 'To be Continued' part of the story...

Well as you requested here is the 'to be continued' version...

That Day ended pretty much with that Story...

The following months went along, and Finally in Jan 2002 I finally got the courage to 'ask him out'. So i said, 'have any plans this weekend', he replied 'no', I then said 'well then your coming bowling with me and my friends'. He agreed and we went on our first technical date I suppose. When we met up he had a bunch of his friends with him, and I believe I had only my friend Carrie along for the ride.....We was fun! We went back to his friends place and hung out.....

The next few months went along with seldom 'dates' until March 2002. I took him to My moms 40th Birthday party I threw her at my aunts house! He met the Family....They liked him...(YAY for me) I asked my mom one day (before the party and before she really met Kevin) if she minded if I had an older guy friend, she told me no, because I was very mature for my age and needed someone that matched that maturity. (Laughing here to myself, unwritten humor)

We were basically inseparable from then on. HE was very sweet. He treated me like a princess! You know In May we were engaged, at least I think it was May, it very well could have been June.....I will have to see if Kevin remembers the exact month. That's sad that I can't remember it! Anyways... We planned for a December 2003 wedding, or so we thought...

We found out we were pregnant in July 2002, mixed emotions here, we were happy about it, Family was a little, hmmm how do I put it... Disappointed maybe? I don't know for sure, But they grew into it. We moved the wedding up to December 2002. We had a nice quick wedding with Family and friends, went to Key west for the honeymoon, It was great! Came back and started our lives together. Got our first place right away, and made it a home. We welcomed our first born, Riley, in April 2003!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Down by the bay....

Where the watermelons grow....

No, Really...Down by the bay was where Kevin proposed to me. I don't remember the specific day (I might even have the month wrong, gosh I'm bad at this) but it was in May 2002.

Earlier that day we had driven to a lot of different shops, he was 'looking' for something....I had an idea of what he was 'looking' for (don't tell him that) so I just went with it.

So when he was done, we drove to a fishing spot of his down by the bay, next to a bridge. We sat on the edge of the bay wall, he was really nervous...He finally took a box out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. Then he told me it wasn't my 'real' engagement ring....that was still at the store, but he still wanted to propose right now. (or something along those lines)

I said yes of course....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Day I met My Husband

I'd like to say I know it was a beautiful day outside and we were somewhere fancy or what not...... but that wasn't how it was. It was October 2001 and I had just started a new job at a new unfinished retailer in town. I was told to start building some shelves in a particular department that day, while I was going about my business I heard this awesome singing.....I thought it was a radio.....I walked around until I found it. To my surprise, it was a man singing, while working on some shelves, I believe they were the tie/dress shirt shelves. Anyways, I watched him for a bit....he was wearing a shirt that had printed on it: 'I only drink beer on days ending in Y' on the back and on the front it said: Save water Drink beer! (By the way I still have that shirt, I sleep in it, it also has become my painting shirt.) He was a bit older, but man was he HOT! (I'm laughing here as I write this, I'm not the type to say 'hot') I continued to sneak peaks at him throughout the day.

To be continued...