Friday, May 28, 2010

Riley and his chart!

Well, I think I have found something that is finally working with Riley and his behavior! I have a chart (ladder type) that he can 'climb' up to earn his reward for the week, if he does his chores and does well in school.....he also has to climb down if he doesn't do them or does bad at school. So far so good! We'll have to see what next week brings! I think seeing his results is helping him more. A friend was telling me that boys are more visual than girls are, and that boys don't really care what you take away from them, but girls do.....or in other words, Its harder on girls when you take things away from them, versus boys.

I might have to start one with Emma, or at least get her started with Kindergarten 'rules' that I know they do in school, that way when she gets to school she knows whats going on and is already prepared....

Parker needs to work on not telling me 'no' all the time....he finally starts talking better and he can say no perfectly! LOL! This morning Kevin was saying goodbye, and Parker told him NO and grabbed his hand and drug him out to the living room to sit! LOL!

So this summer, I know I really have to work on this for them both (and Parker) to get through school (and Life) without issues for behavior! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.......

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