Sassy Lacquer / Reviews

I have dreamed of creating my own line for awhile...and now it's not a dream anymore. I am pleased to share with you my line of nail polish, Sassy Lacquer. Each bottle of polish is hand mixed, therefore the final product may slightly vary bottle to bottle. My polish's are in full size 15ml plain round style bottles. Color and density may vary in my photos with the lighting, I try to be as accurate as I can. 

NEW INFO: I have decided to start custom making polishes. If there is a polish you have been dreaming about , I'm your girl to make it ;) I will not flat out dupe another polish though, that is disrespectful in my little Indie community. Custom's will be priced according to time put in and supply usage-anywhere in the range of $9 to $15. You will be given naming rights, and also the choice for your polish to be given a spot in my store line up. Email me for more info.

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