Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Go Van Gogh!

Well today I bring you a half and half Manicure. I tried to do some stamping on the purple side with the green, BUT the stamp I chose looked stupid, and I just removed it quickly, that's also why they might not look the shiniest or a bit smudged. Sorry. I used Finger Paints Go van Gogh! as a base then taped off half my nail with scotch tape and used Ulta Tutu Cute. It was just OK, not a wow....they are both kind of muted colors. The Finger paints was a bit thick going on...and the Ulta went on very nicely!

sorry about that hair on the thumb, eww!


  1. I like the colors! I think the stamp would have been cute. Try again soon; I want to see it!

  2. Cute! I like this color combo!


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