Saturday, May 14, 2011

April & May's finds/scores...

April Showers bring May flowers? Well it didn't shower on me in April, but I have pretties for you and its May....
Ya OK that was a bit retarded, sorry....I tried.

I bought the Finger paints at Sally, they had buy three of the new line and get the cute little purse pictured at the end FREE. It's really cute. The polishes I bought are below, I got the green and purple sparklie ones and the pink with the deal I mentioned, then went back in and bought the green one and black glittery one. The pink and green non glitters, are very thick and kinda hard to apply smoothly....the glitters go on like a jelly!

Where art Renoir?, Give Pink A Chance, Peaceful Purple, Go Van Gogh!, All You Need is Color

On Mothers day, I spent it with my Bestie,, we went out to eat and SHOPPING. We went to Sally, then enjoyed a great lunch at the Olive Garden, and then went to Kohl's. We then hit up Bed Bath and Beyond, man do they carry alot of polish lines, and at good prices too, unexpectedly good prices...not cheap, but equivalent to Wal-mart perhaps. And Ulta was right there......these are my first Ulta polishes, they were buy two get two. The blue is a great color! The Purple is a little muted, grey under tones...might be a good stamping polish.
Tutu cute, Blue Streak

These were purchased at target one day.....awhile ago....all pretty colors, the glitter made me a little mad trying to get those bigger pieces on my nail! Ugh!
Starry Silver Glitter, Cashmere Creme, White on, Lacey Lilac

These are from Wal-mart, They look great on top of crackle or 'like' colors.
Oh Baby!, Busted

These beauties were purchased from Sally, I walked in to kill some time before work, working next to Sally is a hazard....And they had these four! I got them all of course! Everyone applies good...
Crushed Candy, Lightning bolt, Broken Hearted, Cracked concrete

Plus these two, It was a buy two get one free I bought the four above and got these free! I haven't tried these yet...
Razzle, Last Call (this is Nina Ultra Pro)

Found these pens at Big Lots....$2 each. Not quite sure how I like them I tried the purple one once, on a post found here. It is pictured last on that post, it was slightly uneven base due to the stamp, so maybe that was the problem....
Purple, Blue, Pink, and Yellow

And this is the free purse from the Finger Paints deal at Sally.
Purple flower purse.


  1. I got the black, purple, and teal finger paints too! And I got the blue purse... It's adorable!! :D I also got Razzle awhile back on clearance... It's beautiful!!

  2. awesome haul! i can't wait to see how these polishes look! :)

  3. Thanks girls....I can't wait to try them too!


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