Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We made our first trip of this year to the beach this past Saturday. It started out pretty rough, Kevin and I were at each others throats for a couple days and the kids weren't listening but we took them on a drive and we ended up going to Ft. Desoto over in St. Petersburg for an hour or so...

It wasn't the best trip ever, but the kids had fun, the weather was awesome, and it was Hunter's first time, could have been Parker's too, I'm not sure!?! How sad is that?

We're we live we only have the bay beach, and it isn't very appealing. The water is very dark and mucky, there isn't a shallow versus deep, it is all ankle to waist deep! The sand is gray and shelly, and there are ants all over it!

Ft. Desoto was named number one beach in America! And it is! It was clear, the sand was awesome! It wasn't too crowded, heck there were maybe 50 people on it....It has a fishing has a Fort to explore, and a ferry to go over to an Island.

We will definitely go back to this beach, even though it costs $2.70 to get there and back in tolls, and is 35-45 minutes away!

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