Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentines Dinner:

For dinner on Valentines day I wanted to do something cute! So I made a meatloaf-which I previously swore off ever making it again, story to follow- I shaped it into a heart, and served it with asparagus-Kevin's favorite, roasted brussels sprouts, and mashed potato's!

Before I stared mixing anything I took six slices of bread and soaked them with 1 cup of lactaid milk, I use lactaid in my meals in place of milk for Kevin, he's not good with regular milk.

I took two pounds of ground beef, threw in a good handful of fresh chopped Parsley, an over flowing cup of parmesan/reggiano,asagio cheese.

Four eggs

added the eggs and the soaked bread and started mushing it together....

yummy looking, huh?

Shaped it into a heart, isn't it cute?

Topped it with stips of BACON!

Made a delicious topping of ketchup, ground mustard, and brown sugar.

Coated it with the yummy glaze...and again about 15 minutes before it was done...

And this is how it turned out, of course you can't smell it, it was delicious! (Kevin didn't like it though, go figure! :/

Roasted Brussels Sprouts


Mashed Potato's with that new Phillidelphia cooking creme (italian herb and cheese flavor)

As promised above here is why I swore off meatloaves: I fail, miserably with them. They fall apart, taste yucky, look nasty....I've tried every recipe out there...This one will need some tweaking if I am to make it again though, as Kevin didn't like it at all!

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