Friday, February 11, 2011

Emmas Day Out!

I was browsing Facebook one Monday morning, and Emma was over my shoulder watching the computer. She was home sick (sort of, she was fine other than a fever at this point). Well one of my cousins posted a picture of his daughter on facebook, she had just gotten her ears peirced, with Hello Kitty earrings. Emma said, "I want those". I asked if she wanted to go get her ears pierced amd she said "yes!". Well before, all the other times I have asked her she has answered no! So I told Kevin(He was off that Monday-perfect), lets go do it today. Her Birthday was on Wednesday, so it would be her gift. So we went! She was Brave, had a lolipop for distraction, because i think she was mainly thinking of the cute Hello Kitty earrings and not how they were going to get in her ears. :) So she is in the chair, and the Lady at Claire's - who was great- was getting her all prepped, cleaned her ears, dotted them. (I remember doing this, I worked at a small Kiosk in the mall when I was younger and did ear piercing too). Well the Lady took out the 'gun' and quickly did the first ear, it was very fast...then thats when Emma sorta panicked, she was like "ow! that hurts", and she teared up a bit, but that GREAT Lady was so quick before Emma had time to fight her off she was done with the other ear, and Emma was smiling in less than a minute!



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