Friday, January 4, 2013

Fantasy Fire

This polish I am going to show, you have prob seen many many many many times.

Its Max Factor Fantasy Factor over Revlon Royal. I Know its sooo overdone. I purchased the FF from an overseas fellow PaA'er, last year when it first came out, I swatched it on one nail and then kind of forgot about it. I decided to pull it out for the new year. As you know from a previous post, that is one of my goals, to used all of my untrieds...I probably have close to a hundred if not more. Insane.

not so nice picture but its the best I could get that green to come out and play...

I really like this combo, I tried it on a-England Perceval and it just wasn't good...I mean it was OK but not like it was on Royal.

Stay tuned, You don't want to miss the next two post's. Today is a double post day, I'm gonna show you what I released yesterday in the store.

And then for tomorrow, it involves sling shooting birds and laughing



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