Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sassy Lacquer Reviews

Hey there guys!

Today I have a few reviews for ya.

Two reviews over on Mommy Does Her Nails, by Candice. (PS, she also designs my labels)
     Yeti Yeti Yet
     Wizards Fire  (my personal favorite!)
    Older ones: Exotic Energy Trio  ,  Utopia , Ice Princess

Two Reviews over on Jen's Nail Files
     Mulled Cider and Burgermeister and Meisterburger

Southern Sister Polish
     Pumpkin Spice and Pick a Pumpkin

My Life in Polish
     Pick a Pumpkin

Neverland Nail Blog
     Wizard's Fire and All Hallows Eve

Love for Lacquer
     Autumn Harvest

Thanks girls for the time you took to review!! :D

Check out the store here: Sassy Lacquer

~ Carrie

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