Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A New Challenge...

Hey Ya'll! I never did finish the 15 week challenge I started last year! I got caught up in stuff and never really got back into it. Oops.

Bec over at Lacquer Dreams has come up with a great little Halloween challenge. I'll be putting a little spin on some of mine though ;)

Another "Challenge" I am working on right now is a Strict military diet. Its for three days, you can repeat as often as you like....I'm on day one (Day two when you read this) and so far so good. Its very bland though...But I am so motivated right now. In a month I will be 30 :/  and I am no where near my goal weight! BUT like I said I am SUPER motivated!
Here's the three day diet and am currently doing.

Funny: While typing this...I got a call from the school...the receptionist and I are pretty close she has called so many time this year already for numerous amounts of stupid things that oldest has done, I won't go there :/ ..... anyways, I was so focused on getting caught up...that I forgot it was early release day today....whoopsie daisie! :P

Anyone gonna do the Halloween Challenge with me?

Have you checked out the Halloween/Fall colors in my line yet? Sassy Lacquer. Winter is up also, and up for pre-order!


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  1. Nice post. sound like interesting:) wish to follow each other:)


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