Friday, October 5, 2012

THIC: Day 2: Water Marble

Time for Day two of Bec's challenge. Water Marble. Well I just wasn't up for dealing with that so I went the dry marble route. Its pretty Grotesque, as in awful, but hey its Halloween, right?

I used an orange creme, red creme, orange sheer, and a black and just did different designs on a plastic zippy bag, let them dry then added a base coat to my nails let it get tacky and jut put these on, in the same manor as you would a nail strip :D Easy.

And just because I felt like being silly. This is our 'adopted' - using that term lightly as he just sits on our front porch- cat, we named his Alfred, or sometimes he is Alvin....But his real name we found out is Boots. He used to live across the street until his owner passed away now he is the neighborhoods cat.


Link up at the bottom if you did this challenge!

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  1. Looks great! I am hoping to get mine done this afternoon


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