Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guest Post: Belen from Nail Polish Lane

Hello there! I was getting tired of Gold and Pink mani's so I reached out to the community for some guests posts.

If you want to help me out also this month with a pink AND gold mani for Pediatric and Breast Cancer Awareness, just email me!

This month I and now others, will be sporting a pink AND gold manicure everyday, except the days of my Halloween challenge I am participating in.

Why? To support Breast cancer awareness month and because I forgot last month or rather didn't really know because it isn't as publicized as Breast Cancer is, Pediatric cancer awareness.

I have a friend that has a wonderful little boy, E. He is so strong and so brave! He is fighting the evil dragon, that is what they call it. He has a GREAT supportive family, that has also been very strong and brave. I want to support them as well and what better way to do it then to do fun mani's?? If your the donating type, there are three charities that my Friend recommends:
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, St. Baldricks, and Curesearch
Here is Belen:
Carrie gave me the opportunity to do a guest post and I couldn’t be happier! Her only request was to use gold and pink, and I love both of them, so it was easy. Also, she is doing it for a great cause, Pediatric and Breast Cancer, I had to participate.

First, I am going to tell you a little bit about myself: I am BelĂ©n, the owner of Nail Polish Lane . I’m a college student obsessed with nail art. I started getting into it last February or March and I have learned a lot since them, especially during the summer, when I had time to do different manis everyday and my friends let me practice with their nails. Now I am back to school and I don’t have that much time anymore, but I try to keep my blog alive.

Now to the mani! My favorite pink polish is OPI If Your Moust You Moust, and I had to use it for this special post! Then I decided to stamp it with a beautiful gold: Barry M Gold Foil and the stamping plate BM-315 from the third Bundle Monster set. I was in love with the final result and I got a lot of compliments, plus I was doing it for a great cause!


I hope you liked my entry, and I want to thank Carrie for giving me this opportunity!
Thank You Belen!!
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Min purchase required: 2 bottles ($18)
Code required: HallowSCREAM

Canadians....guess what??? I ship to Canada now!!!


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  2. Great things you’ve always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post. I'm here to say you to learn more about cancer and charity and possible consider devoting a little extra cash to a Child with cancer

  3. MAHAK Charity can also help you if you want to raise money for the cause or give your time to help out. They are happy to speak to carers who are looking after someone with cancer too, so there is always someone to talk to. They also provide advise to employees and businesses to help deal with cancer, whether one of their work force has become ill or someone cannot afford to pay their bills while they are off work and fighting through the disease.


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