Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Addicted to Nail Polish!!

No, not the smell of it, like a high....come on now, I'm not that desperate....

Alright off with the joke, stupid joke at that!

I seriously am addicted to nail polish and the cute litte designs you can do. There are so many endless desins, colors, and and and .....

Ya, well you get it...

Here are a few pictures of some things I have done...

This is my first purchase of China Glaze!

This is my first water Marble it sucked!

This is my St. Patricks day water marble!

This was just a simple taped design, using chocolate brown, silver, and a deep red.

This is from CG Tronica collection: Did with a dotting tool.

These are my tosies, Minne mouse style, dotting tool as well.

This is a free handed chevron and some silver dots...didn't care for it too much.

This is OPI Shatter, love it!

This was my first taping experience! awesome, love the color combo!

My toes match my fingers:

I have some plates coming in for stamping, can't wait to try my hand at those!

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