Thursday, April 7, 2011

Slumpy mood

I keep seeing these 'great mom' and 'great house wife' posts on my Face book feed! It is driving me insane! I'm not the worst....I have four children, two that stay home and two that go to school! I should have some time to myself? No, in fact I have none...Hunter wants to eat and sleep and then be occupied the rest of the time, and Parker wants to play and have my undivided attention too! Then when the schooled children come they need to have this and that, and help with homework, and the baby is crying, and Parker is messing with things, dinner needs to be fixed, laundry is overflowing, toys are all over the place, no one is listening.....ugh! I just want to scream and run away!

If I want time, I must stay up late...then I am tired the next day....its just a vicious cycle! How/when does it end! It probably doesn't help that I am on my period and have awful hormones!

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