Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dollar Tree Haul...

 So, I haven't posted in awhile and I have alot to show you, but right now I have too much to do around my house and won't be able to get to cropping and marking them all up right now...So here is a post about my recent Dollar Tree find, and Big Lots find!

At the Dollar Tree I found nail art polish, they have thin brushes! These were a great find and price! the ones that are standing up in the backround came from Big Lots, there ok, But I like the Dollar Tree ones much better, and that polish next to them is an Elf polsh.

Ok so in this picture the box set came from Big Lots as well and that is going back to the store, it sucked big time, nasty polish, nasty polish brushes, nasty smell! The colored polishes in packages are from the Dollar Tree, this polish is great, nice smooth coats, most one application colors, possible stamping polish! And then the Sally Hansen Double Duty (which is my favorite bottom coat- makes your nails very strong) I got it at Dollar General. 

Well I am off to go clean the rest of my house, we have someone coming to look at it today, crossing fingers. And later today hopefully I will get all my recent nail pictures off of my camera and get them on here as drafts So I can just publish them every morning....upcoming: Easter toes, a succesful stamping manicure, a couple swatches....o and my organized stash!

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