Monday, April 16, 2012

My Stash!

All 356 of my polishes are now organized and put away. AND logged in my stash list ^ up there!

This is my Daughter, Emma..she is a little Drama Queen Diva!

All My Helmer drawers

SH, Ulta, Indie's, Frankens, Mini's, Pro 10, and brands that I onlyhave a few of, like: CND, $OPI, Santee, A-England...

FP, Zoya, Misa, NOPI, PI, Confetti, Essie, Savvy

SC, Jordana, Pumpkins/Snowman, Milani, Icing


Stripers, LA Colors, NYC, WnW, Revlon, CQ/2, elf

Essence, OPI, Orly, CC sets and reg
How do you organzie your stash?

<3 Carrie


  1. I love stash posts! I'm afraid to do one of my own because my mom reads my blog. Yep I know I'm in my 30's :)

  2. Looks great! I organize my stash by brand, and then alphabetical within the brand. I'm currently redoing my entire stash list and organization (and I'm creeping up on 800 bottles!) but hopefully I'll have stash pics other than on Instagram soon!

  3. I have mine split between tried and untried. They are organised by brand with the most at the back and the brands I have least of in the front.

  4. Right now they're in a couple brown wicker boxes in one of the bathroom cabinets. One is pre PaA and one is all the rest... lol. Eventually I'll organize by brands, or favorites. We'll see.
    Your little girl is adorable :)

  5. They are very well arranged! I feel envious of your system, mine is an entire mess. D:

  6. Love, love, LOVE stash posts! I have a bunch of bins with clip on lids that I divide out by brand stored in a cupboard. You have inspired me - I think I need to do a stash post now ;)

  7. My stash is not so organised but I am thinking a Helmer may be in my future or else it's going to get messy!


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