Friday, July 6, 2012

Guest Post: Let's see like a child: Nifty Neons!

Hey sassy readers it's Mommy Does Her Nails stealing the spotlight for a moment. When Sassy Lacquer mentioned needing a post I jumped right on it. Then realized I had nothing in mind! This is actually a rarity for me. I look in my polish stash and dozens of ideas usually instantly pop out at me. Nothing this time. During this time my friend's daughter came over to play and begged me to do her nails. Thinking she'd pick ONE color I pulled out a bin for her. She picked TONS of bright, saturated, sunny colors. I was in heaven! The good ole' days of painting every nail a different color. But I wanted to modernized the idea somehow. Well check this out:
Neon lasers!! How fun and cool looking is this design??
From thumb to pinky we have Orly Green Apple, Fashion Bug Cocktail Pink, Julep Anne, Julep Hayden, and China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise. All topped off with Rimmel London in Black Satin. Below are the bright little girl fingernails that inspired me <3
Look at all those colors!! Yes, yes I did, in fact, use three of the same ones she had picked ;) Why fix what isn't broken? Have a great summer day and break out that super saturated rich color that you've been too scared to try...while your at it pick out a bunch and do it up!


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