Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UPDATED: "Find Me" contest.....come look, its going to be fun!!

Update in red below

Hey there gals!! (and gents)

If you follow me on FB then you might have seen a post a few days ago about an exciting opportunity that I was given. I or rather my polish "Find Me" is going to be included in a Where's Waldo theme roundup in a Magazine. How awesome is that. I was shocked and in total shock about it when I first received the email!

So My challenge to you is to guess the magazine!

I will post a clue everyday here, and on my FB page. First one to guess the magazine is the winner.

Prize: "Find Me"
My Birthday group,my cousin Candace and my Friend Nancy are forbidden to guess, or others that I have told. :)
Keeping it fair.
Clue One:
Photo Credit
And Go! Comment here or on my FB.

Well, that was faster than I thought. Congrats to Lori Yin, the correct answer is Time Out New York.
That took less than an hour.... :)

Now what? LOL


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