Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Hey there! Hope your Valentine's day was fabulous! I went and got myself a bike, its a Schwinn Breeze, beach cruiser type bike. Also Picked up WeeRide Kangaroo seat for little Handsome, it goes in between my seat and the handle bars of the bike.

My van is in the shop getting Transmission work, and other costly things done to it, so in the meantime I have my grandpas van. I have been running non stop today....seriously. I have a cake that needs to be made and decorated by 4 tomm afternoon. I make cakes as a side thing, check out that page here.

I'm doing something similar to this cake:  It will be a half sheet, so one large rectangle cake, the sides will be the same I am hoping, and then adding some real purple daisies, and fake ivory flowers to the top...maybe a pearl necklace and some earrings...

this is not my photo and I forget where it came from :/
Ok so here was my Valentine mani. I did a base of WnW Spoiled's Fuzzy Dice. Used a circle 'price tag' sticker for the half moon using SH XW Black out. Then I stamped with CC Foiled collection, the reddish/pink one and the purplish/pink one, using some of the valentine's stamps on the Bundle Monster sets.

 What did you do Yesterday???

<3 Carrie


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