Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I'm so sorry I've been gone so long....

We've been sick around here, I finally feel like I belong out of bed or off the couch, haha...
My Little Drama Queen turned seven last Thursday! Wow. She got a new bike, no training wheels, and I have to teach her how to ride it now...I don't run...this will be hard, and I am so out of shape its not funny.

This is a franken I made, Sea Glass??? Other name suggestions???

The other nails are as follows:
Index: SH NP Mandarin Garnet with Essence Twins Edward
Middle: NYC Empire State Blue with WNW Correction Tape
Ring: Spoiled Fuzzy Dice with Spoiled Jewelry Heist
Pinky Savvy Totally Teal with Spoiled Show Me The Money

Stay tuned, another book review tomorrow!

<3 Carrie


  1. Sea Glass is a great name for the franken. Love it! Glad you are feeling better.

    1. Thanks! I kinda like Sea Glass, my bestie said She thought of Emerald City...thats neat too, so now I don't know...
      And two of my four kiddos have strep! And I have this horrible hacking 'throwing up' cough, nasty!

  2. I like Sea Glass too!
    and love the color.


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