Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OPI Nail Envy....

I decided to try OPI Nail Envy-Original, to strengthen my nails, they are thin and prone to vertical splits and peeling. I bought it after hearing lots of good things about it on PaA. So after all my Christmas Mani's I decided to pull it out, cut back to nubbins (or short nails) and try it as a base each time I did my nails, which is about every three to four days.

Here's what they looked like in the beginning:

This is about 1.5 weeks in....

And this is just yesterday, about 4 weeks in...

Same about 4 weeks in....

I thought I had another in between picture but I can't find it :(

I have had no breaks, they are much thicker, they are not as brittle when unpolished, I've had two minor minor peel issues, but I buffed them out, and they are fine....

I will trim them soon (filling trim, not cut trim, because I find that it lessens the chance of peelies) and get rid of some of the free edge, and hopefully get rid of the thin transparent tip. In about another month I will have my whole nail bed grown out with Nail Envy.

Have you tried this product, leave me a comment and let me know how it helped your nails (or didn't).

<3 Carrie

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  1. I always wondered if OPI worked. I have been using Essie Grow Stronger and Julep's Nail Therapy for my nail recovery as I call it. Both have helped alot...not to mention that I also do Biotin & PreNatal Vitamins. I haven't seen my nails this healthy since I was pregnant with my son.

    Glad to see another addicts nail growth working for them!!!

    1. My nails grow, they were just weak. But now they are strong!

  2. Hopefully I see the same kind of results!! I want long nails again LOL!! Thanks for the hope Carrie!

  3. I tried to use this for a while but it makes holos crack. I've been on a holo binge


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